Key takeaways of New York Fashion Week

Designers set the fashion show at New York Fashion Week to high with their eclectic inspirational thoughts to ignite spring 2017.  With Kanye West grabbing the most attentions for his debut in Yeezy Season 4, this NYFW was full of happening hit moments.

Every time this fashion week comes into play, it gives a whole bundle of inspiration to fashion bloggers, critics, and celebrities and to unwashed masses. The rage keeps fashion-forwarded people thinking about the style to opt for the coming season. ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘What’s not’ are sure things of this season, but then again, it’s not that easy to be point out on few among a heap of happenings. But thankfully, the power of social media has made it quite easy to narrow down on some.

Take a look at some key takeaways from that mega event closed by the end of September.

White is the new Black this Season:

In the entire catwalks, white was flowing as the base. To break the conventional conception of freshness, several labels have used white and creams. Carlos Campo’s models were donned in white head-toe with quirkiness of smart bows.

While Carlos Compos kept it mild and less experimental, Michael Kors experimented in a new level, though white was ruling the roost. The models were shown in tank tops, half sleeved shirts, rugged Oxford shoes and sweat tops in varieties of white shades such as ivory white, cream and light grey.

Layering all over:

While there were several trends that grabbed our eyes, but the one that stood out from the rest was the ‘Layering’. It’s easy, catchy and comfy in all sense of fashion. The key idea that evoked through this trend is to wear your favorite T’s under or over your favorite gown, slip dress and even of your party mini. Big levels opted to this concept to showcase a mix and break style statement.

Checks and patterns:

Checks and patterns played well in the catwalks. Mostly executed through male models, these trends can be adopted for all. Ricardo Seco and David Hart X are some of the labels to come out of this look. No, it would be wrong to think of monochrome, but splattering of abstract motifs of pink and purple shades were more predominant.  David Hart X on the other hand kept the style quite low-key with checkered blazers and botanical flavor inspired designs.

Comfort fabric is the king:

Fluid tailoring, lightweight and street style smart creased fabrics were opted by several A-list brands on the ramp. This exudes the real freshness of the season. Teaming up with statement shirts and blouse the trait of comfort was the ultimate suggestion with style.

Hybrid style for men:

This is one of the best concepts that came out from NYFW for men. Combining the two concepts, casual with smart, was first featured by Michael Kors then by Nautica and David Hart X Hart Schaffner Marx. MK mixed up the smart pea coats with cropped trousers and city shorts. On the flip side, Nautica infused holidaying vibe with windbreakers and chinos. David Hart X played whimsically by adding light blazers with beach shorts.

Fashion is a never ending world of innovation and creativity. With mega events like this, fashion conscious people would remain more updated and keep themselves in common with their favorite starts breaking the catwalks.