Keep It Short!

Most women associate Summers with Shorts. While that is true, it is important to highlight that not everyone looks good in cute, funky shorts. Even if someone does wear it, she is most likely to be constantly traumatized by the fear of a growing camel toe or wedgies.

However, keeping all these aside, what is Summer without showing off some legs and thighs?! Since the Summer is already set to arrive, it's time to go for Shorts-shopping! But what to buy? Surely you do not want to stick to the pair you had bought last year. It's a fresh new Summer which makes it necessary to buy a few pair of fresh quirky shorts! So here are a few handpicked options by My Style Authority you can try.

Twill Cotton Shorts:

These babies are characterized by button flies and waistlines very much similar to Sailor pants. The best part is that Twill shorts have an extra double-cuff which can be rolled down as and when required to add more length to the shorts.

Since this particular variety of shorts are skin hugging, they can make your butt look extra “cute”. Pair it up with a loose white shirt and you are set to rock!

High Rise Cotton Shorts:

These particular shorts have a chino like structure and are quite lightweight and stylish. These can be your best friend if you are heading out for a casual shopping day or hang out with friends.

White shirts will look nice with these too, you can team it up with soft cotton tees and a pair of up-boots. Accessorizing will take your look a long way this Summer!

Field Shorts:

While flat and solid colors look very chic and classic, a little color game can be tried for the Summer. Splash of colors on your shorts gives an overall artistic feel, and thus chino styled field shorts are must try.

As the name suggests, the shorts are best worn if you have a long hectic day ahead. Not only are they soft and comfortable, but they are also quite sturdy and cut out for rough use.

Pull-On Shorts:

Summer is the time when your laziness reaches its peak. You just want to lie on the couch and stay put there for the rest of the season. But you might have to rush outdoor quickly to do a few chores or to get a cup of coffee. But who wants to get dressed for that?! You quick savior can be the pull-up shorts!

Just grab a pair, club with a basic tee and head out!

Bermudada Shorts:

Though Bermuda shorts are not that stylish, if you tweak it a little, this cute thing can do you wonders. These are basically a shorter version of long denim, with a deconstructive front. But thank God they are flared!

The catch is to find the perfect complimenting cute tee to bring out the best look that suits you.

So embrace the Summers in style. Glam yourself up in some cool, funky pair of shorts and wear your confidence on point. Own your look this season!