Marie Antoinette Inspired Styles To Make You Fashionably Cruel!

“The more the wine ages, the better the wine tastes”. Quite truly, in every corner of the world, vintage cultural heritages have reflected ever-growing popularity with time. Not only the richness of the aged wines from the vineyards, but the traditional cuisines crafted by the Victorian-era chefs, the age-old symphony composed by musicians of the renaissance period, and especially, the fabrics and fashion revolution brought forward by Marie Antoinette – The pioneer of our modern-age world of fashion and styling. Antoinette introduced a wide variety of apparels which give its wearer a classic appearance, making her the center of attention on any occasion. We hereby mention a few of such inspired styles that are definitely worth trying on: 

Hairstyling problems have come to an end with the emergence of “Big Hair Trend”:

Wigs have always been a favorite for their voluminous yet crafty hairstyles. Simply wear it like a hat and behold! You possess the hairstyle you dreamt of, minus the trouble of putting one’s hair through the painstaking parlor procedures. Marie Antoinette had foreseen the benefits of wearing wigs long back, and it has proven to be true indeed. The 18th-century colonial wigs come in a vast array of styles and colors available in Amazon online platform, starting from simple braids to the legendary pouffe, from silver blonde to golden brunette – you name it, they have it! Don a wig and grab every pair of eyes as they gaze at your retro high-class style statement. @vicariouscosplay has done a pretty nice job. 

“DIY Flower Crowns” – Where nature meets fashion:

Remember Kirsten Dunst flaunting a beautiful flower crown made of white roses, as she portrayed the role of Marie Antoinette? Who would have thought that something so simple as handmade flower crowns could give an angelic beauty to its wearer? DIY flower crowns are quite easy to make and are hugely favored by women who wish to add a touch of nature to their glamorous outfits. The only attention required to sport this floral crown is to make sure that the flower color matches the color of the dress that you choose to wear. So, slip one of them on your head and head out to steal the spotlight like a royal princess like @dianaelizabeth_

Say bye-bye to discomfort with the trendsetters of “Boho Fashion”: 

If Louis XVI hadn’t gifted a peasant village to his beloved wife Marie, could she have ever imagined that she would prefer simplistic, loose-fitting gown with naturally wavy hair, and put aside her royal attire? Such is the beauty of the carefree Bohemian style, where comfort gets the top priority. With passing time, Boho fashion has gained worldwide fame for its flowy, maxi-dresses in vibrant colors. It is advisable to make sure that the clothing doesn’t get stuck on your shoes. Pair them with a nice pair of heels or shoes, and rest assured, you’ll set the streets on fire while your body smiles in comfort. In other words, nothing can go wrong with a Boho fashionwear. Check out @taisiache

“Heeled Boots” are here to make you look classy as you walk down the street with elegance and pride:

Though heels have been dominating the fashion ramps, yet their origin lies at the courthouse of the French King Louis XVI, where Marie Antoinette was the first to suggest decorating the boots with laces, jewels, and precious metals, while also altering the heel lengths; a different heel size for every occasion. Heeled boots come in different designs with a variety of colors to choose from. Two things to be taken care of: One, make sure the shoe size fits your feet properly; not too tight, not too loose. Two, match your shoes with your dress color to bring out that majestic aura and roam the roads like a queen like @perlanicolette

Many vineyards have dried away, but their wine has remained a legend. The culinary chefs are no more, yet their cuisines remain immortal. The composers have left us, but their creations still ring in our ears. Quite similarly, though Queen Marie Antoinette has passed away centuries ago, yet her ideas and creatives have remained as popular as ever and have paved the way for the future fashion industry.