Top 5 Marie Antoinette Inspired Designer Wear

Very few get to experience both the controversial criticisms along with worldwide acclamations. The same holds for Queen Marie Antoinette. On one hand, Antoinette had faced harsh oppositions regarding her extravagant lifestyle; while on the other hand, she paved the way to a whole new genre of fashion and clothing that the world had never witnessed before. The outfits and accessories of today’s world are largely inspired by her ideas of gowns, heels and many more.

To add a majestic charm to your present-day lifestyle, we bring before you a collection of Marie Antoinette designer wears that are a must in your wardrobe:

Pastel Rococo Styles:

While playing with Barbie, Betty, and other fashion dolls, every girl had dreamt to wear those royal pastel-colored rococo dresses. But back then we had no idea that the very popularization of rococo dresses was brought by Marie Antoinette. From the rich and smooth fabric to the beauty of the intricate laceworks, a pastel rococo styled dress gives its wearer an appearance of a princess. It is important to match the jewelry with the dress color of rococo to ooze that aura of an empress. Check out how @vali_angel dresses up as the Rococo princess. 

Empire Waist Black Dresses:

Black dresses were only allowed to be worn during funerals and donning them as a fashion style statement was considered a very malevolent activity. But Marie Antoinette dared to stand against the conservative community and proudly put on empire waist black dresses. Black is now considered as one of the most popular colors and its credit goes to Antoinette and her boldness. Empire waist black dresses are yet considered as one of the grandest outfits that can make its wearer stand out amidst a crowd. A gold or silver embroidery work further highlights the illumination contrast, giving its wearer a dark, enigmatic beauty. Such grace by @jennypowelltv

Delicate Modern Corset:

The rigidity and stiffness of the royal corsets posed a major hindrance to movement and flexibility. Moreover, the hard support structures of the corset made its wearer have trouble in breathing. Antoinette strongly revolted against such a painstaking outfit and modified her corset, resulting in the modern-day delicate modern corsetry. These corsets come in a wide array of colors and go really well with a set of matching earrings and necklace. So, the next time you put on a corset and grab every pair of eyes on your breathtaking beauty, don’t forget to thank Antoinette for your corset comfort! @dominika_sedlackova nd her corset magic is worth drooling for! 

Black Feather Glam:

The eighteenth-century society had a negative approach towards crows and considered them as an ill omen. But Marie Antoinette had seen the charm and potential that the black feather holds in the world of fashion. Despite several protests and arguments, Antoinette stood firm to her decision of promoting black feathers as a sensual fashion tool among women. Even in modern days, black feathers have an exotic effect on any clothing, from stockings to tiaras. Donning the “smoky-eye” effect with dark kohled eyes with the black feather glam would take your fashion style to the next level and make you steal the spotlight like @mya_lorenn!

Marie Antoinette – A Hipster Heroine:

An aristocrat queen giving up all her luxuries and happily settling down with a humble appearance, loose-fitting robes without any hairdo or royal cosmetic beautification. Sounds like a fairy tale? We believe not. This incident took place when Louis XVI had gifted his queen, Marie a peasant village. Antoinette was so impressed by the country lifestyle and humble ambiance of the hipster culture, that she chose to leave her royal attire and settle for the Bohemian fashion. This marked the origin of the Boho fashion – one of the most widely chosen clothing selections in today’s world. Simply put on the freestyle robes and rock the roads like @iblacksnow!

The grand expenditure of Marie Antoinette incurred a heavy debt to the French citizen and the world denounced her for it. Nevertheless, for her immense contribution to our present-day fashion and apparel industry, and shaping the future of new clothing designs, we shall always owe her a debt of thankfulness and world shall always remember her for it.