Working It Out In STYLE!!

Though most of us wish and dream of a killer figure, many do not like exercising for it. Exercising is painful, no matter what the season! In the summer it’s obviously too hot, in the winters we are too lazy to leave the comfort of our blankets! Thus our dream figure gets piled under our mountains of excuses, and all we are left with are a few love handles, and a pack of chips to help us survive the gloomy days. We are pretty sure that everyone can relate to this. But with the new year around the corner, let's ignite some new hopes! So while you again take the fitness resolution the coming year, My Style Authority will help you achieve it! How you ask? Well, can you miss the gym if you are glamorously prepared to exercise? What if you look hotty hot when you hit the gym, will you still miss it? We think not! So here are a few styles you can try while working out on your fitness goals!

Go, Snow White:

Do not hold back on white while hitting the gym! White is the purest form of color and when your intentions are as pure as weight management, white is the color to go!!!! A full white attire is perfect if you wish to exercise outdoors as it will surely keep you cooler. Put on a pair of white joggers, couple them a white crop top and sneakers and you are good to go!

Crop Top with Leggings Classic:

As we all know, leggings are ultra comfortable thereby making them the perfect gym wear. But wearing a tee with leggings to the gym is not only going to kill fashion, it is also going to brutally murder your enthusiasm to exercise! But you know what can pump up your mood? A hot crop top which suits your body type! Enhancing your curves will get you in a mood to work harder!

Go Oversized

How about going a tad bit lazy for your workout? Indulge your desire for not going to workout in style by throwing on an oversized cardigan over a coordinated tracksuit. Let style convince you that you are not going to exercise and then Bam!! Out comes the fully loaded activewear, ready to shed some calories! Dress lazy, but be active is the way to go!

Vibrant Colors:

Since most of us hate exercising, why not spice things up with some nice bold colors? Admit this or not, bright colors can never fail to cheer one up. Go for bright pink, electric blue, fluorescent green, and other striking colors to pump up your mood for a workout!

There are multiple fitness wear brands which have a collection of chic and comfortable apparels. Just select a few that best suits your body type and you are all set! We understand that exercising can be difficult and painful, but it gets you the benefit, not only of staying fit physically but also mentally and psychologically. So exercise harder, but don’t forget to be fashionable!