Hot Ways To Hide Your Mom Belly

Being a mom is indeed a dream come true. Your little darling is the apple of your eye, but what about the mom belly? Though motherhood comes with a lot of perks, it can surely take a toll on your body.

After bringing life into this world, you need to cut yourself some slack while you reclaim your curves and contours. In the meanwhile, will you go unfashionable? Are baggy clothes and hobo-wear all that is left in your wardrobe?

Definitely not! Jessica Dew has come to help you out with a few insightful fashion hacks that can help you hide your mom's belly during your rest period. That means you are on girl!

Grab regular waist jeans:

Source: Savvymom

One way to cleverly hide your mom's belly is by avoiding the muffin top which appears when you wear tight low waist jeans. Thus, avoid those for a while and opt for regular fit jeans. A nice pair of high-waist jeans can also be a good option as this helps to enhance the curves and keeps everything well tucked in.

Ruching design:

Source: Stylecaster

Ruching is a simple design that gathers the fabric and sews it downwards. However, make sure that the ruching is subtle. You do not want extra fabric in the tummy area and make the hack obvious. Additionally, opt for soft fabrics that have a fall.

Optical Illusions:

Source: The Every Girl

There are various ways that you can use to trim down your waist and add some bit of drama to your look. For instance, try high waist skirts, shorts or pants, add a belt, or try a wrap dress. However, if you want to look chic, then the best thing to do is to opt for a peplum. Peplum blouses, jackets, and tops are fitted around the waist and have a flared bottom. The seam lines and stitches on the waist or just above provides shape to your figure and the flare hides the belly! Optical illusion at it's best! However, if you are planning to keep it simple, then a few optical illusion prints in geometric style or vertical stripes can be opted for.


Source: Stitch Fix

While you might be hitting the gym religiously, your mom's belly will take some time to get back in shape. Till the desired results are achieved, wear Spanx or Skims by Kim K to strategically hide your belly. Shapewears are great and can improve the appearance of an individual to a great extent. Wearing that snake-skin print bodysuit with a pair of fitted jeans need not wait for two months. You can do that right away!

Draw attention upwards

By drawing the attention upwards, you can divert the gaze of the onlookers away from your waist area. To do that, wear a top with the right neckline that enhances your features. To that end, V-neck tops with some sort of embellishments and details are perfect. A unique neckline always works to the benefit.

So moms, now that you know what can make you look trim and hide your belly, it's time to head out and shop! Get fashion ready, xoxo.