Met Gala 2018: Heavenly Beauties On The Red Carpet

Fashion can be and has been associated with lots of natural elements. Many haute designers have drawn inspiration from nature and the marvels that nature provide. The color of the azure blue sky has been duplicated in silk or satin evening gowns, the feel of the lush green grass has been recreated in beach wears and couture brunch skirts. But the link between fashion and religion was never explored, until recently with the launch of the Met Gala 2018. The Costume Institute highlighted its love for fashion with the opening of the “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” a much-awaited event to set in motion a dialogue between fashion and the most celebrated religious artworks. Hosted in New York’s Metropolitan Museum, Met Gala was a fundraiser event dipped in heavenly fashion. If that is not fashionable enough for you, the event was chaired by Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue!

A Sneak Into The Catholic Version of Fashion

The gala opened with stars dressed at their “Sunday Best” which happened to be the theme of the event. The idea of the event was to explore the influence of Catholicism on the most popular 20th-century couturiers, and hands down it was a success! The Met Gala 2018 became the ultimate melting pot for the designers. Some of the celebrated names to that end were Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano. The event saw the actual papal robes and mitres loaned from the Vatican! Much for religious fashion!

To think about it, fashion is not all that separated from religion and that is what was highlighted in this high fashion event. For example, Versace used crosses and other religious symbols in his designs. Coco Chanel was educated by nuns. All this, and much more acted as a glue to bridge the believed gap between fashion and religion.

The Heavenly Bodies In Their Very Best

The discussion about Met Gala 2018 goes incomplete if Madonna’s attire and look goes un-discussed. Rumor has it, that the star has been preparing for this event for over thirty years! Her entire career has been directed towards this event. Madonna appeared on stage for the first time in the MTV Music Video Awards in 1984. She was dressed in a full white wedding gown accessorized by a neck full of rosaries and a large cross jewelry singing about virginity. Since then she has been annoying the Catholic Church.

Though the Catholic Church might not have been very pleased with her appearance at the Met Gala, the star surely raised the temperature of the event which was loved by all the fashionistas all over the world. While all the other stars “dressed” for the event, Madonna was just being herself. Her complex relationship with religion was highlighted by the full-scale black Goth gown that the star chose to wear to the event. The gown was brought up by her longtime collaborator Jean Paul Gaultier. The much-required oomph to the gown was added by a doted crucifix crown, a net veil, layered cross necklaces and a bunch of black roses. The entire look was perfectly in line with the fashion legacy that the star has held onto for such a long time.

There was a new Pope in town for the Met Gala 2018, and that was no one other than Rihanna! Rihanna has always been a show stopper for Met Gala, but this year her style statement knew no bounds as she was “christened” by Anna Wintour as a celebrity guest. So she rose as one of the best-dressed stars for the event in a Margiela designed papal crown and cape. Needless to say that she rocked the event with her “religiously fashionable” attire.

When religion gets fused with fashion why should Michelangelo be left behind? Maybe that was the thought which boomed on Ariana Grande. The star chose to draw inspiration for her Met Gala look right from one of the most sacred places of worship- the Sistine Chapel. The fashionista adorned herself in a Vera Wang gown screen printed with the images of Michelangelo’s famous fresco “ The Last Judgement” which embellishes the Sistine Chapel.

Back in March, Blake Lively had revealed that she had finally selected her gown for the Met Gala. After a long wait, the world finally saw the gown come alive at the event and evidently it was worth it! The said gown took more than 600 hours to be prepared! Created by Versace, the gown worn by the diva was adorned with intricate ruby and gold designs adding an overall royal look to the ensemble. The gown matched perfectly with the theme of the night and also added a little Game of Thrones touch.

SZA took her look to a different level with her bubblegum pink Versace gown which she wore for the Met Gala this year. The bodice was characterized by a plunging neckline, soft spaghetti straps and shimmering bead works. But the panache of the dress lay in its skirt which was created by overlapping multiple layers of pink fabric making SZA look like a fairytale princess. A princess definitely requires a tiara or crown to stand out from the rest and SZA did not disappoint us there. The diva looked like a heavenly beauty in her celestial golden headgear topping her dark brown curls. She paired her gown with minimalistic jewellery and a dewy makeup completing her overall look for the night and my God she stole the show!

Fashion is not only about looking good, it is about rocking every look with ease, much like what the stars did at Met Gala this year. Rock every look with My Style Authority and let your style become a signature fashion. Cheers.