Must have jackets

Unfortunately, summer has officially ended, taking its beautiful weather with it. As a warm weather lover myself, I always find it very difficult to dress for winter, without feeling like a Michelin Man!

But, as you can see, even the Michelin Man finds a way to make winter trendy and fashionable. I know not all of us are mentally prepared for the harsh weather, but at the very least we can get our closets ready.  These three coats are the must have layering pieces for this season! They’re comfy, trendy, and will make sure you aren’t freezing in your fabulous outfit underneath!

The army color is back and better than ever. Anything in this deep green is guaranteed to brighten your fall closet. The neutral undertones make it perfect for every outfit, while giving off a masculine tough-chick vibe.

The classic trench is always my go to. The length keeps you warm all over, and the feminine folds make it the perfect accessory. The trench coat is totally worth the investment, as it will never go out of style. It is also the perfect coat for day-to-night wear; appropriate for the office and warm enough for your club go-to.

The newest of the jacket trends is the leather combo. I know you may be a little apprehensive, but I’m telling you, this lightweight combo is a guaranteed head turner.

The leather gives it a mature finish, but the comfort of the cotton makes it easy to throw on for any season.Bring on the harsh winds, and intense snowfall winter, because we will be ready!! I hate cold as much as the next, but now we can hate it in style!