Haute Hair Accessories

While you glam up your clothes and shoes, what about your hair? You will surely not look like a diva with your hair made up in a crow’s nest! So how to glam it up? Most importantly, what accessories should you use to make your hair look sassy?

Of course, most of you are thinking about headbands and bandanas. But, how about we offer you some celebrity style hair accessories that you can try? Sounds amazing right? Well, that is what My Style Authority is all about! We keep it classy for the beautiful!

So here are some Haute hair accessories worth drooling about from the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

Rachel Weisz:

Do you think a crown is the only accessory that you can put on your head? Well, think again. You can dazzle some vintage Cartier jewels like Weisz. The star wore some dazzling Grecian styled band and flaunted a simple yet elegant hairstyle crafted by Mark Townsend.

Danai Gurira:

Now, this amazing black beauty took some serious classes on “How to look, Royal”. The best part is, some simple and almost minimalistic accessories were used to craft this regal look that you must try.

While the style was beautifully flaunted by this star, it was intricately crafted by Stylist Larry Sims. The artist used nothing but a graphic gold accessory to crown her braid.

Gemma Chan:

What most women don’t understand is that there is a lot of glamour hidden in the subtle use of accessories and makeup. You do not need to turn yourself into a Christmas tree with all the danglers and glitters in town to look hot!

Just keep it minimum and stick to only those that are essential. This is exactly what Gemma Chan did with her “Love” moon-shaped barrettes. The accessory was very subtle and added just a hint of a bridge-like romance (in a non-creepy way).

Ashley Graham:

Hair bows are so in now. Open any shopping site and search for hair accessories, hair bows will be staring at your face. But in order to make them look elegant, you have to know how to use them right. If you have the right expertise and tools, these can be your perfect hair accessories for an evening party. You can draw your inspiration from Ashley Graham’s stylist, Justine Marjan. The stylist had placed small customized velvet bows all over Graham’s hairdo and it looked super chic!

So what are you waiting for? It's time to let your beautiful hair have some much desired time under the spotlight! Dress them!