Hair Hair Everywhere-All To Know Before Going To The Hair Extension Salons

Women dream about long, silky locks of hair. To fulfil this “Rapunzel dream” for most women, hair extension salons come up with fancy means to add volume and length to the locks. In most hair extension salons, extensions come in varied colors, style and textures; which enable women to customize their looks according to their whims. Who says natural is the only way. The hair extension salons prove it all to be a myth with their diverse options. Goddess hair is no longer a dream!

Type of Extensions Used in Hair Extension Salons

The hair extension salons make use of different types of hair extensions. The choice of the extensions depend heavily on the preference of the clients and of course their facial features.

The different types of extensions used by hair extension salons include:

  • Tape In- This type of extensions used by the different hair extension salons have small weft with glue on the other side. It can be put on without the use of any special pieces of equipment. Some hair extension salons refer to these as “sticker hair”. In general, the original hair is sandwiched between adhesive tapes. The hair extension salons make use of a single-sided tape for fine hair textures.
  • Keratin Hair Extension: For those heading for their very first hair extension appointment, many hair extension salons make use of the Keratin extension hair. Most people confuse the word Keratin with the glue used to stick the hair. But what goes unnoticed is the fact that Keratin has got nothing at all to do with glue.
  • U-Tip Hair Extension: The various hair extension salons using this type of extension pre-tip the Keratin to the extensions which are then put on the scalp. The set is fixed by the heavy use of hot hair extension iron. The hair extension salons generally refer to these extensions as “Fusion”. It is a high-end professional product and due to the toughness of the Keratin, its application must only be made in professional hair extension salons.
  • I Tip Extension: This particular extension is fixed with the help of a non- slip Laced bead. The benefit of this extension is that it can be attached without any heat, adhesive or chemical. The strand by strand method used to attach it gives the hair a very natural movement; which is another benefit of using this extension style. The natural movement is because of the fact that the extension is attached to the original strand of hair giving a full look and body. Hair with I tip extensions can be worn anyway, since the color of the beads are matched with the roots.
  • Clip-In Extensions: Most hair extension salons prefer clip in extensions since they are easy to attach and can be matched perfectly with the original hair color. In addition to that, clip in extensions can make highlights, lowlights, and add volume. Clip in extensions are available in many pieces and in various widths. These extensions can be clipped in and off easily and are almost undetectable to the eyes.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Heading To Hair Extension Salons

So by now, it must have been made clear to you that the locks most celebrities so proudly flaunt can actually be hair extensions. It’s okay if you do not wake up with wavy beach curls. Not many people do actually! Hair extensions can help you achieve your hair goals. But, before you go out to get your extensions in the professional hair extension salons here are a few questions you should ask your stylist before.

  • Ask your stylist about the quality and the kind of the extensions being used. Is it 100% natural or does it have a synthetic mix? Do note that natural hair is always going to be more expensive than its synthetic counterpart.
  • What process will be made use of to apply and remove the hair extension?
  • Is it possible for you as a client to choose the quality and the weight of the extensions being used?

In addition to the methods already mentioned a few hair extension salons make use of another method known as the Thermo Plastique. The removal of the hair extension in this technique is quite simple and friendly when compared with the other methods which are harmful. For example, glue is more damaging. On the other in hand in tracks or sewing, the extensions feel heavy and the clip ins are harsh to the roots. They also making hair brushing difficult. To add to the pains many hair extension salons make use of synthetic hair for the extension. The styling options of synthetic hair are quite limited and blow-drying or hot curls are a strict “no-no”.

When going to the hair extension salons, ensure that you ask your stylist not to give you an extension which is thicker than your original hair. If extensions are too heavy they tend to break and damage the original hair texture. Thus before going on for extensions ensure that your original hair has enough nourishment to withstand the pressure.

The hair extension salons usually have extensions of various weights. Ask the stylist to show you the various options available. The problem arises when the color and thickness of the hair extensions do not match your original hair.

Fact Files About Hair Extensions

Nowadays hair extensions can be termed as the ultimate hair accessories. Not only do hair extensions add length to the hair, they add volume and style, and helps in transforming the complete personality of an individual. The art of hair extensions are definitely not a new one. The first recorded evidence of hair extensions dates long back to the times of ancient Egypt. A popular belief is that the ever beautiful Cleopatra made use of hair extensions. Medieval Europe too saw the rampant use of hair extensions.

Since this can be taken as the ultimate hair styling technique, a few of these facts about hair extensions can be both useful and interesting.

  • The Origin of Hair Extension: Hair extensions are prepared in a very interesting manner. Extensions can either be natural human hair or synthetic tufts which are usually glued to the human scalp. Many a time the tufts are woven into the real strand of the hair closer to the scalp. This process makes an individual’s hair look fuller, giving it more body. Natural hair extensions are made from human hair collected mostly from India or other developing countries.
  • Natural Hair is The Best Kind!!: Human hair extensions are paired with temporary hair to add a spiced up look. They make the best possible hair extension since they mix with the natural hair thereby adding volume. Hair extensions are not a ball game for women alone. Men too make use of hair extensions especially, if they are balding. In order to achieve a natural look, it is advisable to make use of natural hair crafted by hand to add a natural look and style. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions are made from artificial fibers made to look like natural hair. Synthetic hair extensions can either be heatproof or wear proof and the choice of the type depends on the sensitivity of the skin.
  • Hair Extension Weaves: Many a time women tend to braid their hair in a coil style and strands of hair are added to these braids. These sort of extensions are usually called weaves as they are woven with the natural strands. Color becomes an important factor for hair extensions period!! No matter your hair color, with human hair you can dye and color your extensions to match any color. But, if you choose to use a synthetic mixed extension, know that many beauty supply stores carry hair in almost every color combination. The key word is “almost”. It is always advisable to match the color before checking the quality of the hair.

FAQ On Hair Extension

A lot of questions are likely to pop up in the mind when one thinks of going for a hair extension service. For those who are thinking of getting hair extensions here is all that you need to know about it.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

The extensions are attached to the natural hair. Natural hair sheds and becomes thin. As the connection between the two thins out, extensions become weaker. It is advisable to remove extensions maximum by eight weeks to prevent hair damage.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

The price of hair extension varies with the type and the length of the hair to be used. Additionally, the charges also depend on the stylist or the salon that one goes to. As mentioned earlier, the price of the synthetic hair extensions are less than human hair extension. In addition to that, the maintenance of the extensions must be considered.

Do Hair Extensions Cause Hair Damage?

Sadly anything attached to the hair causes damage and hair extensions are no exception in this case. In order to reduce the amount of damage caused learn how to take effective care of the extensions which includes brushing, shampoo and moisturizing. Additionally, sleep on a satin pillowcase since they cause less friction when compared to cotton or linen pillow cases; shortening the life of the extensions.

Style comes in with both glamour and risks. If you ought to look beautiful there are a few risks that you will have to take. Consider hair extensions from that perspective. Now that the probable questions about hair extensions have been addressed, it’s time to move on the ace hair extension salons or stylists, a hand picked list by My Style Authority.

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