Hair Accessories To Game Up Your Winter Fashion

Winter mornings are just great. The warmth of the blankets, the little cold nose tip, the warm cup of coffee. All is perfect till you discover your hair full of static, frizz, and is completely out of control. Now, that's not something blissful, is it? But what can you do? You are late for work, and you have to rush. So, the best thing to do is to throw the hair into a messy bun, tint your lips, wear a killer shade, and leave for work. But hold on! We have got a few things in our kitty today, which can make you look H O T, even if you have a bedhead look.

Pom Pom Hat:

While winter is enjoyable for many, some find chills in their bones during this season. Here is something for them- Pom pom hats! These hats can keep you warm and yet make you look chic, ladies. The best part about these hats is that they can be completely personalized and are available in huge style varieties. The My Style Authority pick is the double pom pom hats. Try out one of these super cute accessories and embrace your adorable side.

Velvet Ribbon:

Velvet is going to take the fashion center stage this winter. Thus, how about making a fine fit for this trend on the hair, in the form of ribbons? Velvet ribbons look super hot. This is a“no muss no fuss” look. All you need to do is tie your hair in a long pony and attach the ribbon at the nape of the ponytail. You can use clips for additional volume if you want. All in all, this style can be your to-go option with formals, or even with classics.

Pearl Ponytail Holder Set

Pearls are always chic and are again in trend this season. Pearl detailings look adorable on knitted sweaters, skirts, tops, denim, and yes, of course, your hair! Pearl hair accessories add that extra touch of fashion to any hairdo and are thus a must try this season. If you are a messy bun gal, then all you need to do is pin on a pearl hair accessory to your bun and look chic. Now, you can either use one of the pearl pins or try a bunch to get an ultra-chic look.

Ear Muffs:

Though you might love wearing hats, they are just not appropriate for every occasion. This especially goes out for those days when you need your hair locks to be sleek and glossy. For such days, earmuffs can be your to-go options. Earmuffs provide the comfort of a warm hat and still manage to keep the hair in one place, intact and glowing. The best way to style ear muffs is by keeping the look natural with loose waves. To achieve this look, all you need to do is curl your hair in large barrels and create a beach curl effect.

There you go, ladies, the top four winter accessories to try your hands on this winter season! Don’t forget to keep it natural, and wear your attitude on point.