The Graphic Glitter Eye Trend

You might be flipping through fashion magazines to know about the current fashion trends of the season. Of course, you have tried a few by now. But how about merging two of the hottest fashion trends of the season- glitter and graphic eye makeup? Let My Style Authority guide you.

The glitter graphic trend is smoking hot and if you are confident enough to pull off a bold look, this trend is for you to try!

Glitter is the sassiest element that you can use to glam up your looks. Plus, there is a wide array of colors, textures, and styles that you can pick to suit your choice of outfit. Did you know that there are both fine and chunky glitter?

You can also take your glitter look a notch higher by adding rhinestones and crystals to your eye makeup- the perfect eyes for a night at the disco. Pulling off a cat eyeliner with glittery eyes can also be super haute!

But not many want to use glitter and graphic in such a loud way. So, if you are one who wants to keep it subtle, then you can opt for a cat style eyeliner with a dash of glitter in the inner and outer corner of the eyes. This is a subtle style which makes the eyes pop. To bring out the best of this look, wear a nude lip tint and keep the rest of the makeup minimum.

Tips To Pick The Best Graphic Eyeliners:

First things first, in order to pull off a graphic eyeliner, especially if you are trying a cat, it's important that you use liquid eyeliner as that gives a very clean finish.

Make sure you pick up an eyeliner which is smudge proof and does not flake or fade.

Use an eye primer to smooth the base before applying eyeliner.

Once you have made the outline of the design, you can use a kajal eyeliner to fill it in. This will create a dark and opaque look.

For beginners, who are trying graphic eyes for the first time, it's advisable to use a rolling disc applicator so that you do not end up making shaky lines. This will kill your overall look.

Tips For Using The Glitter

Begin with a small amount of glitter. The idea is to make your eyes pop. With too much of glitter, you might start looking like the Christmas tree.

Loose glitter or foil eyeshadow can be used to get a sparkling effect.

Use a professional eyeshadow brush to pat your glitter eyeshadow. Though you may be comfortable using the glitter with your fingertips, it becomes problematic for the larger areas, for example, the eyelids.

So glam up and glow with the graphic and glitter shadow trends this season!