Gothic Fashion Trends

If you are bold, looking to bring out the dark side, if you are willing to try something strange yet highly fashionable, then the Goth fashion trend is for you to try.

Here is a note of caution: Creating the perfect Gothic look is not easy. You need to spend some good amount on your accessories, clothes and study a bit about the nuances to create the perfect, on-point Gothic look.

Yes, indeed, Goth fashion is complicated, but if you can conceive it correctly it can look stunning.

If you are planning to go into this look, then it's advisable to take it slowly. An abrupt change in style, especially if you are shifting to this look, may seem very rough.

Pro Tip: Begin slowly with this trend, ideally with one component and get comfortable with the style before you try the other things.

With all that said and done, there are a few tips that might be useful for you if you wish to try out the Gothic fashion trend.

So let’s go digging into the night!

1.Begin simply. For instance, opt for a non-traditional gothic makeup. The key point here is to be comfortable with whatever you are doing. Since there are no exact rules, do not try to include all the tips that you know together.

2.Gothic hairstyles are very different too. Think about it, you do not come across a candy head daily, do you? These typical Gothic hair dyes are not well suited for an everyday look. But you can go for a natural black since this a popular Gothic color.

3.Contrary to popular belief Gothic fashion is not about being connected to the dark side. It is more about the glamour and some sassy highlights.

4. Leather is one of the most readily available materials which can give you that much-desired Gothic look. So just grab one pair of leather pants or a leather skirt and get started! If you are opting for the black leather pants, then team it up with a nice chiffon shirt in any dark shade. Accessories a little to create a dramatic look. Check out how @rachelvonaddams is pulling off this look. 

5. Goth fashion trends can be made to look seductive as well. For this, you can use metallic inserts or black sequins. To create this look you can grab your pair of skinny black jeans, team it up with your grey sweater, add some spiky accessories. Finish off with a fine pair of spiky boots.

6. Though it a general idea to include black in all Gothic trends, if you are not comfortable with it, you can opt for any dark shade of your choice. Emerald green, blue, dark plums are your ideal options. You can also include a bit of brightness in this otherwise dark look by incorporating appropriate makeup details. Pair up with a red, or better yet a burgundy lipstick and a simple eyeshadow. @bluegoth_ is setting some awesome fashion goals with metallic blue shades. 

7. Along with your clothes, makeup and hairstyles, footwear too has a very important role to play when it comes to the Gothic fashion trend. Platform boots are hot these days and can complement your overall Gothic look perfectly. @the_moonlight_child_ uses signature platform boots for her goth looks. 

8. If you are trying out the Gothic look, do not leave out on the lacey pieces. Laces can be both a summer and winter staple and can be worn to almost any occasion. With a black lace dress, you can add a feminine side to your Gothic look. How hot is that! @sorita.deste is the ultimate lacey goth diva!

So try out these tips next time you decide to go Gothic! Finish off your gothic fashion with our fine gothic makeup tips and look like a dream!!

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Let's keep the night dark and full of glamour.