Glitz and Glamour

Twinkling stars in the night sky is a beautiful sight. How about you recreate the same dreamy look on your eyes? Oh yes, you can do that with celestial makeup, a trend very hot this season.

But very much like the stars twinkling in the sky, a solo definition of this trend is hard to pin down. But generally, there are four aspects of this look:

  • Sparkling
  • Enthralling
  • Offbeat
  • The dominance of purple, blue, and metallic pink tones.

However, don't be under the impression that this look is all about sweeping a bit of glitter on the eyelids, it's much more than that!

So what is so hot and unique about the different celestial makeup, let's take a look:

Falling Stars:

While a shooting star can be hard to spot, you can take inspiration from this natural phenomenon, and recreate this look on your eyelids with glitter and metallic stars. However, if you are planning to go all-stardust, make it a point to use a highly pigmented eyeshadow or shimmer to make the look as detailed as possible. Check out @glowbykt

Glitter Eyelids:

Some glitter glam by @tanyakupelian

While glitter lids can be very party-ready, if done correctly, it can be very sophisticated and chic. To make the glitter-lid look subtle, all you need to do is pair it up with flushed lips and cheeks. This can be an ideal day look and is very easy to pull off.

Sun Points:

As the name suggests, this particular eye makeup is all about having the right amount of glitter in the right place (generally, the corner of the eyes). This look is ideal for those who are trying an angelic makeup style for the first time. To create this look, you need to dab a highly pigmented eyeshadow or glitter, preferably white or silver in the corner of the eyes. Pair it up with an overall nude look and you are set to go. Beautiful sunspot makeup done by @giulia_lovesmakeup.


The best part of trying this look is that you don’t even have to know the right way for tracing the flick of your eyeliner. For this look, you just need to stick a few self-adhering rhinestones lining the eyelids or the edge of the eyes. However, if this looks flat, add a bit of color to the waterline of your eyes. @kouturemane has done some amazing work with this look.  

Bronze Sweep: 

For this look, you need extra glossy, plump lips with clear skin makeup. Since the eyes are the key takeaway for this look, the basic idea is to keep the rest of the makeup as simple and nude as possible.

@poetically_mecca is looking sizzling!

Midnight Blue Eyes:

Since deep blue or midnight blue is the theme color for this look, you can take inspiration from @blushedhair. To pull this look off, you need to make a very clear flick ensuring the edges are sharp and on point!

There are many more styles that you can try and we would love to see a few looks created by you. So do share your celestial eye makeup pictures and tag #MSAFeature to get featured with us!!

Create magic ladies! Let your eyes do the talking this season!