All You Need To Know About Fx Makeup Supplies

Have you seen Resident Evil? Or World War Z? If you have then the gruesome look of the characters must have sent a chill down your spine! The popping eyes, the slit throats, and slashed wrists. All scary right? Well, peeps that is the magic of fx makeup supplies. Fx makeup supplies have taken on the Hollywood film industry. The kind of films made these days make it imperative to use fx makeup supplies. They, so as to say add the oomph to the films. As fx makeup has taken on the film world, apparently it is all the more likely to dedicate a blog towards it. So here goes -an article on all that you need to know about fx makeup supplies.

Fx Makeup Timeline

The makeup industry has grown exponentially over the last few decades. The popularity of fx makeup supplies as we know of today began with the launch of the Harry Potter series. More and more films were launched ever since and added to the massive use of fx makeup supplies or prosthetic makeup. Films such as Pirate of the Caribbean, Star Wars, The Marvel Movies, cannot be imagined without the use of fx makeup supplies. But before going any further let's delve into the history of fx makeup supplies.

Fx makeup or special makeup have been evolving since the 1900s. However, at that point of time, movies were shot only in black and white; thus the fx makeup had to be applied differently. As per the data received from archives, the primary materials utilized then comprised of putty, mortician’s wax, spirit gum and collodion.

One name which became famous in terms of fx makeup from the black and white era was Jack Pierce. The pioneer of fx makeup was the creator of some very famous looks; some of which were Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy and The Wolf Man.

A lot of collodion and cotton were made use in the movie Frankenstein to create the iconic look of the character; along with the effort Pierce used to create the look. In addition to the extensive research made by Pierce, the artist had to get additional knowledge from the various surgical and medical write-ups. The artist learned about the various ways a human skull could be cut open. He then chose one and modelled the Frankenstein’s head, as if it had been opened and sealed using different fx makeup supplies.

Pierce made a display of his knowledge and his skill as an artist when he designed the look of Dracula, for the movie. Since the movie was shot in black and white, the usage of ordinary colors like what we do now would have been of no use. Thus in order to attain the pale ghostly face of a vampire, Pierce made use of a green color. A master stroke! He knew very well how makeup looks could be manipulated on the black and white screen.

Moving right along…The 1930s observed the rise of foam and latex pieces. The movie “The Wizard of OZ” saw the diverse use of these two components. Foam and latex pieces were used to create the fake facial features. These “pre-prepared” features could be attached with glue, put on, and removed easily when required. This development was a welcome for the industry since it cut down on the preparation time.

Things took a turn for something more complicated in the 1950s when the sci-fi movies started to get popular. This required the creation of more abstract and distinguished makeup essentials for the creation of the monsters or aliens. Thus, the 1950s fx makeup supplies came to be dominated by latex sand rubber suits. Such artwork can be seen in some noteworthy movies like “The Creature From the Black Lagoon” and the “Invasion of the Saucer Men”.

The known boundaries of social normality were pushed by the groundbreaking horror film “The Exorcist” in 1973. Fx makeup found the special place for itself in this movie and looked more lifelike than ever before.

Fx Makeup Supplies Tools for Trade

The kit of a makeup artist determines the quality of work he/she is likely to produce. For those planning to get in the world of fx makeup, Ben Nye Theatrical Creme Pro Makeup kit is a must-have. This particular kit comprises of 3 cream foundations, cream contour wheel, bruise and abrasion wheel, cream highlighters, cream shadow, a white cream color, latex liquid, along with a few other essential items.

However, the kind of things that an fx makeup kit is likely to have depends heavily on the work that the artist does. It is needless to say, that all the items that come along with a kit may not be required at the same time. Purchasing a makeup kit for fx makeup can be a tricky one. It is advisable to go out on a purchase to buy fx makeup essential after considering your work profile and after determining the kind of things you are most likely to use.

Generally, the fx makeup supplies consist of these following items:

Glue/ Removers:

  • Duo( This is a white colored glue used for sticking eyelashes)
  • Makeup Removers
  • ProAide: medical quality acrylic glue
  • ProAide Cream: This thick version of this is made use of to build on the edges as it sets right on the skin
  • Snappy G: Silicon adhesive

Set Wear

  • Apron: It’s advisable to get a chemical resistant one.
  • Boots: They should be waterproof with ankle support
  • Gloves: These babies must be waterproof as well with fingerless mittens to work with.

For Actors

  • Capes
  • Hairbraids, paper caps


  • Blood capsules
  • Blood jam/ jellies
  • Blood paste to seal up scratches and wounds
  • Blood powder
  • Eye blood

Body Fluids

  • KY Jelly: to create slim and snot
  • Methylcellulose Powder: create vomit and snot
  • Sunscreen Spray Version: A spay for this under the glycerine spray creates great beading impacts.
  • Tears/ Te4arsticks: peppermint oil or Vicks inhaler put under the eyes create works wonder mostly.

Molds and Casts

  • Alginates for creating life casts
  • Chip Brushes: disposable makeup brushes for creating fx work.
  • Tooth Plates: for creating molds.
  • Resin Pigments
  • Hot glue gun

These are just a few items. The number and the complexity of the products tend to rise up as the kind of work becomes varied.

Tips For Creating Ace Fx Makeup

By now it must have become evident that special fx make artists are quite different than the ones that make people or actors look beautiful. To put it lyrically, fx makeup artists represent the darker style of beatification. Majority of makeup artists choose to make people look beautiful and breathtaking while, unique artists challenge the set norms of beautification and bring out the other side of the moon thereby breaking the set standards of what defines beauty.

For those practicing, or considering this art, here are a few tips from ace fx makeup artists which you might find handy:

The first to top in the list of fx makeup supplies is fake blood. Seriously! The endless flow of blood in all the war scenes owes its credit to this formula prepared by Dick Smith years ago. The recipe of the gore is so simple it can easily be made at home. While preparing fake blood, it is always a good idea to add a few drops of green edible color. This makes the blood look dark. It has been observed that red color tends to become pale or pinkish losing its actual tone when applied to the skin directly.

While removing fx makeup it is advisable to make use of warm towels. Do not start scrubbing immediately. Put the warm towel on the face for some time. The steam escaping from the towel helps in lifting the makeup with ease.

Make it a point to conduct a patch test before launching a full-scale latex or silicone makeup to the face.

Silicon must never be used on the hair. In addition to that Vaseline must be used in order to protect the surrounding hair. Do not forget to make use of an oil base remover on the hands (even if you are wearing gloves) before starting off with fx makeup.

It is always advisable to ask for some reference pictures from the director. This becomes important as the director might have a completely different look in his mind. It may difficult to create the desired look without reference pictures.

Keep some heat packs along if you are shooting outdoors. Heat pads help in keeping the makeup intact.

Fx makeup is one of the most “in things” today in the fashion world. They are now being used on runways, parties and special occasions in addition to films. My Style Authority brings you a list of ace makeup artists making use of fx makeup arts. Get in touch with them and let the gore take you in fashion.

Below is the list of the makeup artists you can get in touch with.

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