Best Fur Jackets Inspired By Hustlers

Movies have always had a strong impact on us and make us keep thinking about the plot and characters. Especially, ever since we fashion-lovers have watched the film Hustlers, we can’t help but keep imagining ourselves donning those glamorous clothing and plush fur coats worn by the gorgeous divas! There lies a wide array of all those eye-catching coats that made us women go gaga over them! Here are the best picks by My Style Authority.

Here’s a few of them that you can try out and rule the streets like a boss:

Posh Faux Fur Stroller:

A unique yet sophisticated blend where fashion meets comfort. The wearer of Faux Fur Strollers emit an aura of classiness and elegance with the thick and soft fur lining and also dignifies your taste in cosmopolitan clothing. Wearing a wayfarer or dark-tinted sunglasses shall enhance the style impact. Slip into this glamorous comfort and rule the streets like an empress, like Ramona in Hustlers.

Snow Leopard Black and White Faux Fur:

From retro designs to modern fur jackets, the snow leopard print on a cozy faux fur signifies stylish appearance that is bound to make the bystanders gaze at you in awe. Don the appearance of a bold diva like Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers and be ready to steal the spotlight as you enter the room. It would be better to wear a dark-colored knee-length one-piece dress to match the rich fur jacket.

Tiger Faux Fur Coat:

It takes some serious courage to slip into this exotic tiger print faux coat, but the boldness is worth it. The royal black and yellow print is going to be the showstopper in any occasion and goes well with a black one-piece or jumpsuit. The color combination adds to the oomph factor with an air of sensuality. Snatch the attention of the onlookers and keep their eyes fixed on your charm, as you dominate the fashion floor, just like Ramona Vega in Hustlers.

The Headturner Coat:

If you wish to add a touch of an enigma to your style statement, then a solid or patterned Head-turner Coat is the perfect choice for your wardrobe collection. Just like the white head-turner wore by Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers, a simple monochromatic coat is currently becoming popular, especially because of their fine fabric quality, and tailoring expertise. Proper fitting is very essential to don this head-turner. A tight bun shall be the apt hairstyle that goes well with this outfit.

Short Length Faux Fur Coat:

Remember the Hustlers protagonist Constance Wu flaunting her ripped jeans with the short length faux fur coat? Quite a cool blend especially for the teenagers and women in their mid-twenties. It is better to pair them with a nice pair of jeans and sneakers to flaunt that rugged, yet haughty appearance. Short length faux fur coats are very well suited in light colors, such as white and pink, giving its wearer a younger outlook, and a charming appearance.

Aviator Style Fur Coat:

Winter is the perfect season to spike up the hotness and attractiveness. And the perfect eye-catching fashion statement for such an instance is the aviator style fur coat. With its sharp large lapels and bold colors, aviator fur coats are a big favorite of the tough-girls and tomboys. A contrasting t-shirt paired with the choice of aviator fur coat will be a match made in heaven. Moreover, the rugged yet classy fashion look is quite a head-turner!

The only thing to keep in mind is to make sure the fitting of the coat stays perfect. So get your heels on, pick the dress you wish to don, and slip into the rich, furry coat and voila! You become the woman to die for! Besides, as Ramona said to Destiny in Hustlers, getting in the coat does make you a showstopper. All you have to do is to figure out what you’re wearing, and how you are going to play with it!