Best Ways To Glam Up Your Fur Coat Game!

The drama film Hustlers has set really high bars for the fashion film industry to overcome. Furthermore, there have also been worldwide praises about the major breakthrough in styling and dressing sense, especially, the plush fur coats and the matching accessories. If paired well, this fierce combination of clothing and jewelry will make you no less graceful than the divas of Hustlers!/blogs/listing

We, therefore, present before you the top five accessories that work wonders when put together with a matching fur coat:

Hoop Earrings:

Slick and simple is the new mantra for current fashion accessories. And these classic hoop earrings have thus remained a hot-favorite among fashion-lovers. A simple golden or silver hoop earring goes really well with any coat. Be it with a fur coat as worn by Ramona, or with a faux fur stroller as donned by Diamond, a nice pair of hoop earrings will make you look as appealing as the beauties of Hustlers. Hoop earrings come in various sizes. Matching them with your face type would be ideal to enhance your charm and give that looks-can-kill stare! Check out this simple yet chic look crafted by @ameliabrown07

High Boots:

Everyone loves that clicking sound when the high heel boots make contact with the floor. Heads turn in curiosity and every spectator looks at its wearer. A nice pair of high boots matched with a snug-fitting fur coat gives the vibe of a dominant diva. The combination gives its wearer quite a bossy, yet sharp appearance that lets her grab the spotlight. High boots come in a variety of vibrant colors and must be paired with matching fur coats. Match them properly, and you are all set to steal everyone’s attention as Jennifer Lopez did in Hustlers. Check out how amazing @rrraniahhh looks with those high boots on! 

Oxidized Chokers:

Remember Cardi B rocking her artfully designed steel chokers in her spicy portrayal of Diamond in Hustlers? Nowadays, chokers have become a new trendsetter in the fashion world. Believe us, if you dare to don a choker with a matching fur coat, you will set the floor on fire. Men will go gaga over your style statement and women shall be staring at you with awe. Oxidized chokers go really well with a fur coat having a lighter shade with an upturned collar. As the chokers come in different shapes and sizes, choose and pair them carefully for that funky yet classy look.


Want to know one of the deadliest fashion combinations? A formal outlook with an air of haughtiness. Scarves have been one of the best fashion accessories that give a high-class appearance while remaining fashionable. Scarves and coats can be worn in different ways, depending on your choice. Pairing them with tinted sunglasses and boots will make you the talk of the town. Wrap a nice scarf around your neck, put on a fur coat and make all heads turn at you, as you walk with a swagger like Ramona in Hustlers. @theotherfront is also pulling off an amazing ensemble 

Statement Necklaces:

Adding a statement necklace to a thick, ritzy fur coat is like the cherry on the cake. Watch, as the onlookers stay glued to your over-the-top necklace as your walk like an empress while donning the fur coat. It is important to make sure your necklace stays over your dress to make it visible, and keep your coat unbuttoned, to give your admirers a better view of the statement necklace. Keep in mind to select your dress and necklace in a contrasting sense. For example, a ruby necklace paired with a red dress might make the necklace inconspicuous, and so, must be worn with a white dress instead. get inspired by @strangeste

The world of fashion beholds a diverse array of clothing combinations. The pairing of the fur coat and accessories is one of the most stunning among them, as featured in Hustlers. However, it is to be kept in mind that the accessories and coats need to be bought in accordance with the physique and facial features of the wearer. So get ready to become the center of attention as you slay the streets with your glamour and style!