Fringing It This Summer

Have you ever twirled wearing a fringe skirt or a fringe dress? Doesn’t it seem like raindrops dangling from your clothes?! Don’t you just love how fantastic and hot you look in your fringed attire?!

Oh yes, those who own a fringe piece know how amazing it is to wear one, and the good news? It’s the Summer Essential this year!!

So all fashionistas, ready to buy your fringe wear?!

Here are a few things you can put in your cart:

Fringing The Hemline:

Skirts can any day be a girl’s all-time favorite. But once coupled with fringes on the hemline, it is worth drooling for. So, if you are opting for skirts this season, go for one with a Boho hemline. You celebrity inspiration can be Serena Williams! The best part of fringed hemlines is that it adds a bit of bounce and pop to your groove. Super hot!

Stole Goal:

You surely know that the weather can have mood swings of a 16-year-old. It can be sultry now and freezing in two minutes or both at the same time!!! While it's impossible to control the weather (unless you are Storm from X-men), it's better to be prepared, and what better way to do it than with a fringed stole?!

Fringe Layers:

If you are planning to go all fringe this summer, then you should stick to layers, it is the best way to look smart. You can pair your favorite shift dress with a fringe coat or jacket. Or even an ordinary jumpsuit will do wonders if paired correctly with a fringe layer.

Now that you have a fair idea about the type of fringe clothes that you can bag this summer, how about a few tips which can help you pull off a hot look.

Tips To Pull Off Fringe Fashion With Oomph:

  • Fringe pieces especially dresses and skirts offer very versatile silhouettes. They look super hot with thigh-high slits and cuts. So if you wish to bring out your hotter side, opting for slits with your fringe clothes can be a good option.
  • Fringe dresses look fascinating in dark shades. Coupled with ankle-length boots and red lipstick, this can be your to-go look for any evening event.
  • Boho style fringe dresses can also become an ideal beachwear. However, to look beach-ready, it's important to select pastel shades from the color palette. For instance, light yellow is THE color for any pool or beach party.
  • If you want to look casual and want something fringy, then do go for shorter fringe skirts or dresses. Short fringes are easy to style and can offer you a dress down or dress up option. Team it up with either some funky pumps or stick to flats and you are ready to go.

Fringe is fun, and the best part is that there is no rule to follow when it comes to this fashion. Here are a few gorgeous ladies who created the fringe look on point!!!

The super chic @iam_jamee

The scarlet doll @iamteethecreative

Slaying it like @jennytran

When fashion meets @miss.fortunecookie, its always a gala!

Way to go ladies!!!!

So get inspired and do share your pictures and views on fringe fashion with us. Tag #MSAFeature and get a chance to be featured with us this week as we celebrate the glamour of fringe style!!!

Keep is grooving dolls!