What to wear to your first date

It's happening finally! For the last three months, you were stuck indoors with nowhere to go, but now things are opening up and you can have that long-pending first date!

There is no denying that first dates are crucial! You have to make a smooth impression and make effort look effortless; and to that end, what you wear to these first dates are very essential.

Putting on sweatpants and a tee-shirt will only buy you a cup of coffee perhaps, and there will be no beyond. So keep it stylish, even if you choose to go casual. Bring out your style on the forefront. Carry yourself with grace and you are sure to get a call for the next date.

So here comes the billion-dollar question, what should you wear? You have perhaps gone through your closet a thousand times but nothing catchy has grabbed your attention. Are you considering buying fresh clothes for just a first date? Won’t that be a little too much?

Even before you hit the shopping apps, give this article a read. Maybe something amazing will pop out from the things you already own! Jessica Dew presents to you four hot first date fashion look ideas! Not one, but four.

So select one and sprinkle your charm!

After-work look:

Source: Pinterest

Not only have the restaurants opened up, but some offices have also started working. After all these months of working from home, you cannot ask for a day off just to prepare for a date right?


You have to make the best of the situation! Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to go about it. Firstly, select one solid color and go about it. Assuming that your date is scheduled for the evening, stick to the classic- black.

Wear a black slim-fit bodycon dress and team it up with a moto jacket. There! Now you are ready to win both the boardroom and the dinner date.

If dresses are not your style, opt for a black colored silk cami top, team it up with trousers and finish it off with a blazer. If you want to introduce some color in the mix, a high neck black top with geometric print trousers are just perfect.

Accessories are your game here. Remember you need to cover both your office and the date. So, keep the accessory game basic. Just a simple peep-toe pump, a small stud or loop earring, and nude makeup.

Now that's some power personified!

The classic style:

Source: Lulus

Honestly, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words, Classic? Satin dresses, flared tops, ruffles, and bows, right? So go on with your instinct.

Your first date is the ideal time to try out that satin skirt and dress you have kept closeted for all this time. However, opt for light shades. Stick to whites if you have any confusion. Pinks, light yellow, pastel green are a few other colors you can work with.

Creating a classic look is simple. Put on something in lace, and add layers to it. For instance, a short skater dress with a long jacket. Finish it off with classic wedges and light accessories

However, you might want to add some colors to highlight your prominent features. For that, opt for ruby red lips or glam up your eyes. But remember to do only one of those, otherwise, your first-date look may become a circus makeover.

Animal Print

Source: Great Plains

Animal prints are on rage now and yes, you can try it out on your first date. The best part about this print is that they are available on everything. Be it a pair of flared trousers, tops, skirts dresses, shoes, bags you name it!

However, do not overdo this look. Stick to one thing at a time even though you love animal prints. For instance, if you are planning to wear a leopard or snake print skirt, team it up with a solid colored top. If it's a dress, then make sure your accessories are in solid classic shades.

Too much of animal print is going to make you look too “wild” and that must be avoided on the first day at least. *wink*

Additionally, try to balance between your ensemble and makeup. Make sure one compliments the other.

Sporty Fashion:

Source: Seventeen

Sporty fashion on a date does not have to be about sweatpants and joggers, you can actually make your own sporty look by merging your favorite clothes and accessories.

For instance, a skater skirt with white boots or sneakers can be very chic and sporty. Add to that a top knot or a high ponytail and you are all set to rock your date!

No matter whichever fashion trend you follow on your first date, do not forget to add a dab of your style. Remember, clothes and accessories can only enhance your beauty; your words, thoughts, and smile make you truly beautiful.

Do not forget to wear those on your first date; along with your complimentary face mask! Have a great date! Fingers crossed.