Fighting In Style: The WWE Way

Women, since time immemorial, have been associated with delicate, soft, fragile elements. They are always portrayed as glass dolls too delicate for the rough hands. This trend has been started off by the famous writers and poets, depicting beautiful women as very touchy and easily broken.

She is like the beautiful night according to Lord Byron and she must not be so beautiful to attract too much of attention according to W.B Yeats. She must find solace in her small world, must be content within the four walls of the house. Such has been the classical portrait of an ideal woman from the days of the romantics and revolutionaries.

With all due respect to these stalwarts, women, the real women are something more than these paintings made with words. She is a symbol of beauty yes, but definitely not without the brains. She is restless, she is unstated and being content within the four walls of her home is something she mocks about. Sorry Sir Yeats but modern women do not think that her “opinions are accused”. She is as opinionated as the modern man. She is ravishing, and oh my she is ravishing to her core and she DOES have the strength to pin down those who look at her as a piece of meat to devour.

In addition to being associated with docile elements with fawn-like eyes, women are taken synonymous to fashion (as if men roam around in motley). Being strong with a knack for fighting is stereotypical to men. But not any-more. What if we say that women can take up both fashion and fighting? More specifically fighting in style? Add more lipstick and attack the Coco Chanel way.

So here we’re presenting to you the two of the most fashionable WWE wrestlers who have left a mark in both wresting and in fashion, Ronda Rousey, and Stephanie McMahon.

Fashion The WWE Way

Ronda Rousey came into the limelight when she became the first woman to win a bronze in the Olympics Game in Judo. From there on Ronda fought her way to glory, winning 12 consecutive matches in the MMA fights and a total of six in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Ronda Rousey’s performance in the WrestleMania 34 was indeed breathtaking. The 31-year-old stole many hearts with her beaming smile and absolute confidence in the ring. A fight with the Triple H and his wife Stephanie is no matter of joke and the win reflected brightly on the face! (Yeats would perhaps be appalled seeing a woman do all this!).

Not only is Ronda Rousey a celebrated athlete, she is in fact quite a figure in the fashion world. Her sense of style has wooed many! One thing to that end is the way she has played with her denim. Rousey had an exquisite collection of denim and kept adding more innovation and numbers to the collection as she grew up. She tried flared-out styles to super slung jeans and everything else possible. But the only thing that sets her apart from the rest was how she carried her styles out in comfort. Her sense of style and oomph made her the first women fighter from UFC to bag a fashion campaign.

Denim is not only fashionable but is necessary for that everyday bomb look. But curvy women face the problem of finding the right piece to flaunt their style. Ronda Rousey was no exception to this end. The fashionista wrestler leaped in to find a panacea to this problem. She got in a close association with the design team and aimed to launch a line of denim for the curvy beauties.The Hope Jeans designed for “real life” is available in sizes 25 to 34 having a wide mix of cuts, flares, and patterned boot cuts with more leg space; in breathable fabrics.

Ronda became the fashionista with a cause; sharing her experience with Buffalo about the pains of fitting in the modern age skinny jeans with a full body. The wrestling diva’s ultra-modern sense of fashion, her easy-going sense of style, and her natural beauty makes her one of the most sought after beauty icons today waiting to be discovered.

Bold Bomb in WWE

Though many may not prefer her on-screen, it is difficult not to stare at her sharp face and her natural flow of beauty. Stephanie McMahon has a rough look, matching perfectly well with her profession. The wrestler has been a part of many controversies; the recent being the attack she launched on Ronda Rousey.

But putting aside all that, McMahon's sense of fashion is indeed quite engaging. She was looking stunning in a black dress in the Hall of Fame shot alongside her mother-in-law. Not only for the controversies, Stephanie McMahon is also known for her brand loyalty. She has always portrayed this element be it standing by her family during turmoil or showcasing a tight hot red dress with the brand name.

In her initial days of WWE, Stephanie was seen as a girl next door having cute features. In all, she was unlike the other women wrestlers in WWE. But a marked change came over the WWE Chairman’s daughter in 2001 when she started dressing in very bold clothes.  The style and the confidence with which she carries it out is indeed praiseworthy. Not many can carry out such bold statements with such ease, but McMahon is no ordinary woman. She is married to Triple H for heaven’s sake!

As stated over and over again fashion and style are not about wearing what is in vogue, it is about feeling the confidence from within, feeling that comfort from within the skin. That is exactly where My Style Authority steps in.With all the ace professionals by your side, you can be the next Ronda Rousey or Stephanie McMahon both bold and fashionable.