The Top Feather Accessories To Buy

This season it's all about keeping “featherlight”, literally. It's all about having a bit of feather to add that classic chic look to your personal style.

Of course, like most other styles My Style Authority has talked about, this fashion too is about keeping it subtle. You do not want to look like a Flamingo with feathers dropping down from every inch of your body.

But we understand it's easier said than done. How would you know how much is too much? From where can you pick the right accessories? That is why we are here!

We have handpicked a few must-have feather accessories for you to try your hands on this season.

So without much ado, let’s go feather picking!

Feather Clutch:

These are just super cute and extremely stylish. The feather clutches are your to-go accessories for those first dinner dates, a small brunch or a fancy cocktail party. The fall collection of Jimmy Choo has launched a whole load of these babies to choose from!

Of all the ones that you can choose, the pink suede “Cloud” clutch with fascinator feather is a must-buy! Do not forget to go through the Cruise Collection for this!


Feathery Shoes:

Whether you buy it or not, every woman has a beautiful princess in her, and this season you can actually bring out your hidden damsel with the shoes having just the right amount of feather on the ankle!

The Athena sandals by Gianvito Rossi brings in a delicate balance of white feathers and glamour together. Just slide in a pair and become an instant head-turner. Teamed with the right dress, these shoes can make you fashionable within the twinkle of an eye! Just like magic!

Feather Earrings:

While you can always wear a gorgeous piece of feather as an earring, why not take it a notch up? You can get yourself beautiful diamond earrings fashioned in the style of a feather!! These work like a dream for big events, red carpet looks and you are sure to appear right on style.

Feather Pouch:

These are a bit retro, a back to the 80’s look. So if you are one in love with classics and will like to keep a few classic pieces in your closet, these are for you to try. Crafted beautifully by Attico from Moda Operandi, the drawstring pouch puffed up with ostrich feather is simply amazing! Be it a casual day out or a dress-to-impress thing, this sizzling pouch can just make it happen

It's time to keep it feathery and beautiful!