Fashion Week Fever!

It’s almost the end of August, and we are all super excited for September because it’s the start of the fashion weeks! It’s time to get refreshed all over again because NYC and a few more promising cities are going to stud the runway with some exclusive styles and trends which are going to knock us out for the rest of the year.

What a time to be alive for fashion lovers! Bright colors, season trends, dashing people are all going to be filling NYC and other fashion capitals and you can be a part of it!!!

But before you get all excited about the fashion week and the fun that it will entail, it’s essential to address a very important question: Are you ready for the fashion week?

Fashion week is not only about the great designers and the supermodels strutting the runway, it is also about fashionistas like you! It’s time for you to bring out your amazing style and be confident about who you are!

So have you got all that figured out? No? Well, no worries, because My Style Authority brings you a few fashion pointers to consider.

Rock Your Look

In order to be a head turner, one thing is of utmost importance, at least during fashion week, and that my lady, is what you are wearing. It’s not the time to put on a sweatshirt and glide in a pair of old jeans and go casual!! It is the time to walk and talk trendy!

In order to avoid the confusion about what to wear, select a trend that you think suits you the best. Here is a list of the few trends that you can consider:

Go Checkered: Checks are dominating this year and are an all-time classic. The pattern is available in suits, shirts, suit sets, blazers and in other things. Choose the one to your liking and you are set to go.

Pastel Shades: These have ruled 2018 and are still quite dominant. Pastel suit sets, jumpsuits, skirts, and dresses are killing it this year.

Puff It Up: Puffs have been quite trendy and have been used in dresses, shirts, and trousers with class. So if you are comfortable in puffs, this just might be the thing for you!

Feathers: Gold brocade gown with white feathered shoulders - classic, isn’t it? Feathers have dotted quite a few runway shows this year and are super hot if one can carry it.

However, there is a note of caution. Be very specific about which trend you pick. Fashion Week is not the time to play and try out new stuff, so make sure you are confident in whatever you wear.

Organize your look at least a week ahead, decide on your accessories, hair, makeup, all in all, your total look. Do not keep it pending for the final day!

If you are planning to travel to Fashion Week, select your clothes strategically, ideally it should cover both your day and night look.

Once you select your overall look, pay great attention to your shoes! Fashion Week generally involves a lot of walking, so unless you have Cinderella’s carriage waiting for you outside your house, do not wear the stilettos you have bought particularly for Fashion Week.

Now that your clothing and accessories are taken care of, it’s time to move on to the sort of makeup you can wear for Fashion Week.

GLOWing Up

We do not have to underline the importance of makeup in Fashion Week for you, right? Of course, you already know that your makeup must compliment your clothes and accessories. However, this season is all about being bold and hot!It’s not necessary for you to ONLY stick to nude tones this Fashion Week. Since this year is all about colors, why not put a dash of the same on your face? So here are a few trendy makeup looks for you to try:

MOD Eyes by Pat McGraths: Why stick to the old school eye makeup when something this classic can be tried on. MOD eyes are a different sort of winged eyeliner with an overall blunt look. What’s unique about Pat McGraths take, is that she used colors instead of the traditional black color scheme. Try this groovy staple with color this season. Not only does this have a lot of oomph, it is also equally hot.

Dramatic Eyelashes: Lashes are not only dramatic this season, they are also colorful. You can try using any neon tone on your lashes, while keeping the rest of the eye makeup nude.

Winged EyeShadow: This dramatic David Bowie era look is back?! An 80’s favorite look, and is still raging high, making it a must try this Fashion Week. When doing this look, place the focus on the dramatic eye, in jewel-tones and shimmers; while keeping the rest of your face simple.

Metallic Smoky Eye: Do not confuse them with the regular smoky-eye look, the new age smoky eyes are all metallic with shades of bronze and metallic gold. These eye makeup bring out that sexy robot tech-look! Lol

I Woke Up Like This Look: This season is all about playing off your natural beauty. Stray away from the hard contours and over application of makeup. It’s now about looking natural with the no-makeup makeup look. So ladies take GREAT care of your skin because it’s in. Try this look with bold lips or eyes.

So select any one of these trends, and rock your look! But wait, it’s not done yet! You will not leave your home in just your clothes and makeup, right? There is still much to do with your hair and networking skills!! We will get on it on our next Fashion Week blog.

Till then stay stylish and shine bright!!