Things To Have In Your Fashion Swapsies

Does your wardrobe look like it might explode any minute? Do you have clothes that are stunningly fashionable, but you do not wear them anymore?

Ever felt the desire to get new hot fashion accessories but can’t since you don’t have space in your closet?

If you can relate to these questions, then you are the ideal person to host a fashion swapsies! Why buy clothes and spend unnecessary money if you can exchange some hot fashion trends with your friends?

Oh yes! This is a REAL thing. Surely your friends have stuff they will want to exchange for something you have and vice versa. Plus you can get as many people to join in, more the merrier!

But there is one rule of thumb, make sure all the items on display are chic and high fashion. No one will want to exchange a pair of snakeskin print boots for a hand me down cowboy hat! So in trend is your game!

To that end, here are a few things that you can consider keeping in your fashion swapsies.

Animal print skirts:

Source: Take Aim

Animal prints are a classic. Be it on boots, handbags, tops, skirts, dress, this print is worth going gaga for. Though you can keep any item in this trend, do not miss out on keeping a nice hot animal print skirt. Animal print skirts are easy to team up with anything. It looks super with any solid colored turtle neck top, or even drop shoulders. So make sure you have one of these.

Sequin tops:

Source: Pinterest

You cannot be a fashionista and not own a sequin top. It will be a sin not to own one. Last year was dedicated to sequins. We saw some of the best sequin trends on runways. This year too is a continuation. Sequin trends are looming large and new variations have popped up. Sequins are a bit large now and are available in multiple shapes and colors. Be it for an evening with your girlfriends, a dinner date, or just to go old-time retro, sequin is your go-to option. So having a few cool sequin tops, crops, camis in your fashion swapsies is going to amp the game.


Source: Who What Wear

There was once a time when neon trends were a blast. This is the year to crown fluorescent trends as a blast from the past. Something colorful is always welcoming especially since we are going through such a hard time this year. Fluorescent scarves, headgears, tops, dresses, skirts are all welcome. The peppiest colors in this trend are orange, green, yellow and MSA’s style pick, neo pink! However, if you find it difficult to explain how a particular fluorescent piece might look like, have a picture of yours dressed in that in your fashion swapsies party. Better yet, give a few options to the guests as to how they can use a particular fluorescent piece in multiple ways.

White boots:

Source: 1966 Magazine

One of the easiest ways to dress Hollywood is by wearing a pair of glam white boots. White boots look killer with anything. Be it any outfit color, a pair of nice white boot with a top knot messy bun is sure to give you a casual killer style. Recently Gigi Hadid’s white boot ensemble went viral, so you are in luck if you plan to keep one of these. With any luck, those may be the first thing to be lifted off your rack in your fashion swapsies party.

Tie and dye prints:

Source: Popsugar

As mentioned earlier, colors look brilliant and can pump up a sour mood. It’s even better when you have a burst of colors, and what can be a better way to do it other than tie and dye? Since this is a childhood trend, most people can connect to them. This is yet another print that is widely available on both accessories and clothes. However, since we are in summer, try to give summer-specific tye and dye prints like blue, pink, green, and yellow.

There you go, all ready to rock your fashion swapsies! Fashion is for all, so let’s share and get fashionable together!