Fashion Mistake To Avoid During Winter

With the Fall right under our noses, the winter is close on the trail. In fact you can feel the crispness in the air! And we all know how Fall is, festive, colors and a whole load of fashion faux pas! The Winters will be cold enough, you don’t need some ugly fashion mistakes to make the situation colder! Soon your long coats, UGG boots and hats will be out. But do you know how to use them stylishly or will you just make some of the same blunders you might have done last year? Don’t get thinking! Cut to the chase, as My Style Authority presents to you the 4 fashion mistakes which you MUST avoid this Winter!

Casual Overcoats With Dressy Attire:

Since Winter is all about holiday parties, you are sure to wear a lot of dressy clothes! Long flowing gowns, short sequenced skirts paired with stockings, jumpsuits and what not! Then while heading out you are perhaps going to throw a casual overcoat over your shoulder and there goes your style outside the window and into the trash can! Pairing dressy clothes with casual overcoats is the saddest choice you can make! If at all you have to wear one, try making a mix of a ball gown with a Biker’s jacket, of course if you can carry it, or else keep a glamorous coat reserved for such occasions.

UGG Boots with Wrong Clothes:

Winter is all about UGG boots! But it's a big NO if you think of pairing them with your Yoga pants or shorts. Seriously Ladies! Winter fashion is completely different from its Summer counterpart! Don’t try and pull out that out-of-college look with an oversized tee, shorts and UGG boots just cause its winter! UGG boots are love when the cold strikes, but only when you team them up properly. The best and of course the easiest way to do it is with denim if you want to keep it both trendy and pumped up.

Shapeless Coats:

Make sure you are aware of your body type and the clothes that bring out your best when you go coat shopping. Do yourself a favor and don’t just pick up anything that hangs on you like a loose drape. Remember you want your silhouette to reveal your curves and not make you look like a snow man from the backyard! Pro tip: Ensure the coat of your choice has a well-tailored waistline and enhances your body shape. If required, give it a few more seams from the tailor and team up with a belt to complete the look.

SOCKS and Sandals:

Old school and classic is good, but not “socks and sandals old school and classic” During the winter, chill gets on your skin but your fashion sense need not bring chills down your spine! Avoid pairing sandals with socks like daily tourists this Winter. There are other ways to keep them warm. You don’t need to look old and withered for that. Instead of wearing socks with sandals, try teaming with closed-toe wedges or heels for a trendier look.   It’s time to win the Winter with style and grace!