How Pop Culture is Influencing Fashion Designers in NYC

  • Do you know how pop culture emerged and how it impacted the overall fashion industry?
  • You would be fascinated to know how teen peeps were influenced when pop culture and contemporary fashion were put in a blender.
  • Read more to find out about the five greatest pop artists who influenced the fashion industry and the top fashion-meets-pop-culture moments of 2016.

The term “pop art” was first discovered by a British curator known as Lawrence Alloway in 1955. It described a brand new form of popular art which influenced fashion designers in NYC. It was a movement which combined the likes of common people and popular culture. Pop art is the art which is labeled as being simple yet bold in vibrant colors and it also portrays everyday imagery. For centuries we are very much intrigued by the who’s who of the society. It can be said beyond doubt that almost every individual is influenced by the celebs and trending fashion of their times.

Even before the movie or TV stars existed, we were influenced by the attires and apparels of the royal people. The fashion sense of royal personalities wowed us. Even if you notice the early publications of Vogue, you will see that it is focused on showing the readers on what was trending, which celeb is going where and who is wearing what. Fashion movements not only started from the shows, but they were also influenced by the prestigious French racecourses.  

Why Fashion Matters to You?

Fashion helps in defining the shape of any popular culture. In the last few decades, TVs and movies created fashion trends. A lot of fashion designers in NYC host their own TV shows, open restaurants and they also star in movies. The fashion programs come in cable stations and a lot of other fashion networks are also emerging.

Fashion has grown a lot with the emergence of pop culture. The reach and influence of pop culture and fashion extended to younger consumers as well. Teenagers and children offer an emerging market for trendy fashion and fashion designers in NYC. The children are much more vulnerable to the peer pressure and fashion fads than the adults. This is why the increasing purchase power

Fashion is one of the most important components of the global popular culture. Being involved with fashion and beauty industry for quite some time, My Style Authority believes that creative industries need each other to survive. Art will need to feed on music and fashion feeds on both. The term fashion is an implication of change, the change in clothes, the change in taste of apparels and accessories. Pop culture is not only about music. The Pop culture is a trend where we have observed immense changes and fusion of styles. This change in fashion is not only incorporated by the performers and fashion designers in NYC. They are the flag bearers of this trend. But along with them, the consumers of everyday lives are a major part of this change in the trend of fashion.

The Impact of Pop Culture on Fashion and Fashion Designers in NYC

Fashion gets its inspiration from the cultural and social movements. The pop culture was initiated in the ‘50s in both London and New York. Initially, it was started as a very rebellious fashion trend for the youth but gradually it became a complete global phenomenon. Recent influences in the fashion industry can be traced to the designs from different subcultures, and racial communities. The elements of a popular culture are infused when an individual’s interest is associated with a certain preference of music like rap, hip-hop, rock or reggae. Just like music, fashion, literature or news is also fused into everyday lives.

Pop culture demolished the traditional boundaries and categories. The concepts of fashion and what people prefer to wear date back to the ancient era. The sense of fashion has evolved with time throughout society. Fashion and fashion designers in NYC adapt to the environment in which it is marketed. Fashion is widespread in global pop culture but the development of fashion happens within different places globally. Ever since the emergence of pop culture in the 1950s, it goes hand in hand with the fashion industry. Pop art and culture embraced the mundane living styles which introduced the aspects of mass culture. This is what brought the pop art closer to the new generation of Americans. The pop art incorporated very familiar mass culture imagery from different advertisements to other boring objects. Richard Hamilton, who was one of the pioneers of pop art, described the pop culture as a very transparent, expandable, mass-produced, witty, sexy, young and glamorous business.

Pop culture shared all these qualities. Very soon after that, the pop culture and fashion merged with one another. The pop artists introduced a bright range of colors and a brought a complete change in the print definition form. This is what inspired a lot of fashion designers in NYC to come up with brand new design forms in both men and women’s apparels.

The Merge of Pop Art and Fashion Design

Well, the commercial merging of fashion design and art is not a very new thing. Almost each and every year we get to see art inspired dress collections from renowned fashion designers in NYC fashion shows. Because of its catchy and vibrant colors, the free of fine art elitism and the capability to speak the universal language, the pop culture was destined to be the most referred art movement in the world of fashion. After the merger of pop art and fashion in the ‘50s, it was not disturbed ever since. The condition of the society decided the future of this particular merger. During the wars and the time of austerity, the apparels started becoming much more unified and practical in their designs. With the end of the war, the designs of clothes and the overall fashion industry trend started changing. Pop art and culture started becoming a part of the mainstream US lifestyle, and this is why the fashion designers in NYC started making diverse fashionable dresses and other accessories.

Slowly the people started to grow a liking for the pop culture and this is it why influenced the fashion designers in NYC to bring a thorough change in their designs. With the creation of sculptures and paintings of mass culture objects, the pop culture movement reduced the boundaries between the low and high culture. The most important character of pop art is that it doesn’t really care about any status quo or any definite form. It subscribes to the belief that art can be borrowed from any source. The pop artists believed that everything is interconnected. Thus, they tried to make those connections real in their artwork. Although the pop culture incorporates a wide variety of attitudes and postures, most of it is emotionally ‘cold’.

How Pop Culture Affects Teens

A lot of teenagers think that fashion is all about the cool and trendy dresses and chic models walking along a runway. But the term fashion is much more than just high-end clothing. It is a mode of expression of a society or a certain period of time. It is also an expression that may or may not apply to everybody. Hence, fashion can be about everything. It can be about the way someone talks, they way they walk, the way they like to dress and the type of music they want to listen. Teenagers are more interested in checking out new modes of fashion and expression because they try to “fit in”.

Fashion creates trends and the teenagers want to hang on to those fashion trends according to their taste and desire. When it comes to clothing and trendy dresses, the fashion is always changing. And this is what affects the teenagers. At present, the heavy metal jeans, slim fit, faux hawks, low-rise jeans, Chuck Taylor, Crocks, and hip-hop have come into fashion. Personal fashion varies among different individuals and how they want to live their lives. For example, it has become a fashion to carry an iPod with its accessories while walking around a mall. Fashion gives people a way to express. Teenagers stick to fashion to get a sense of identity and express themselves. The pop culture affects teenagers the most because it is ever changing. Pop culture changes with time and teenagers love to have something cool and trendy of their time.

Five Pop Artists Who Influenced Fashion World

Pop culture has influenced the fashion industry in a lot of ways. With every passing year, the world of fashion and pop culture become more attached to each other and after 2016, this statement is truer than ever. Here we bring you a list of five pop artists who have influenced the fashion world and fashion designers in NYC. 

Andy Warhol

When we are discussing the popular artists who left an everlasting impact on the fashion design world and fashion designers in NYC, we have to mention about Andy Warhol. He is one of the very first pop icons in the 1960s. One of the best works of Warhol is the Campbell’s soup can. Its design was used in a dress in the '60s. The name of the dress was The Souper Dress. This was the first incident where pop culture influenced fashion.

Roy Lichtenstein

When it is about the famed motifs, we just cannot ignore the merger of clothing designs in furniture department by Roy Lichtenstein. He was a famous comic artist. In 2011, Lisa Perry created a collection of dresses which was inspired by the colorful paintings of the comic artist. The next year, Markus Lupfer and Karla Spetic created a series of sweaters which was inspired by the comic characters and colors of Lichtenstein.

Takashi Murakami

She is one of the best Japanese artists whose works are closely related to the pop culture and art style. The sources of Takashi Murakami’s art inspirations are the cultures of anime and manga. Because of his interest in the modern pop art and culture, he collaborated with one of the famous fashion designers in NYC like Louis Vuitton for designer handbags and other accessories. He also collaborated with Pharrell Williams from art works to music videos.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring was one of the famous pop artists in the 1960s. Shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood created a unique collection of shoes which was based on the famous arts of Keith Haring. The most popular fashion designers in NYC like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and Reebok decorated their shoes with his artwork. The Parisian department store Collette launched a pop-up show which was filled with creations and fashion designers in NYC influenced by the artwork of Keith Haring.

Yayoi Kasuma

She is a very prominent Japanese artist who is known for her famous polka dots design. She has worked in a lot of performance art, collages, painting, and sculpture. In 2012, one of the best fashion designers in NYC Louis Vuitton created the special collection of handbags and accessories which became globally popular in all the brand stores of Louis Vuitton.     

Top “Fashion Meets Pop Culture” Moments of 2016

Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Film

Beyonce’s surprise visual album for HBO called ‘Lemonade’ was a treat for both eyes and ears. The full cast’s wardrobe was prepared by a team of 36 designers. The fashion designers in NYC were Gucci, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy and more. The video album was a brilliant message for global black female empowerment. It was an inspiration for women of all generations.

Rihanna Collaborates with Puma

The famous pop star Rihanna is also known for her off-duty dressing style. This is why it was not a surprise that Puma will want to collaborate with Rihanna for its collection called Fenty Puma during the New York Fashion Week of 2016.  The collaboration featured streetwear-heavy and goth-inspired killer footwear, and oversized hoodies. Famous personalities like Taylor Hill, Bella Hadid, Stella Maxwell and Lexi Boling, hit the runway along with the prominent fashion designers in NYC.

Tommy Hilfiger Teams Up with Gigi Hadid

When it was announced by Tommy Hilfiger that he will collaborate with All American Instagirl Gigi Hadid on his instantly shoppable collection, a huge number of fashion designers in NYC was curious about it. To our surprise, almost all of Hadid’s accessibly priced products sold out immediately. Hilfiger is still continuing the partnership for this year also.

Jaden Smith Collaborates with Louis Vuitton’s Women’s Campaign

Jaden Smith and his sister Willow Smith had a very impressive year on modeling. One of the best moments of their modeling career was the collaboration with Louis Vuitton in the spring women’s wear campaign of Louis Vuitton in which Jaden Smith dressed in a skirt. The collaboration was a move towards genderless fashion.

Justin Bieber and Kanye West Ignite the Merch Mayhem

Well, there is nothing more to say about the impact of Merch of 2016 in the fashion industry. Kanye West (even though this dude has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, you can always grab a piece of him on his personal website!) started Yeezy Season 3 presentation at the Madison Square Garden. Justin Bieber also accompanied Kanye West for the Merch Mayhem to set the trend.

Lady Gaga’s Tribute to David Bowie at the Grammy’s

Gaga is a huge fan of David Bowie. After the legendary pop icon passed away in January 2016, Gaga took the opportunity to pay her tribute to him during the following month, at the Grammy Awards, while wearing a customized dress from Marc Jacobs. The dress had a tinge of Bowie’s and Ziggy Stardust’s album cover “Aladdin Sane”.

The fashion trend at present clearly shows that pop culture for fashion designers in NYC is as popular as it was in the last few decades. More than half a century has passed from Campbell’s first “Souper Dress” to the latest Gucci collections yet, the pop culture in fashion designs and fashion designers in NYC stands stronger than ever. Most of the contemporary fashion designers in NYC still rely on the pop art ideas and borrow inspiration directly from the pop art imagery. Recently, we are also seeing the graffiti inspired garments by fashion designers in NYC. But even the graffiti inspired street art could not beat the pop art culture and its influence on the fashion designers in NYC. Fashion and art feed on each other. The way these two things come together, clearly shows how deeply they are linked. As long as people continue to wear dresses, it will remain a band which is very unlikely to break.