Reliable eyelash extension salon for 100% precision and best results

Ready to make the the world go down on their knees with your fluttery eyelashes? Go for eyelash extension then. But, you have to be very careful when you are opting for eyelash extensions. There are several myths regarding the same that needs to be clarified before you opt for a professional aesthetician specializing in lash extensions. So let us debunk the myths to reduce your anxiety levels and motivate you to beautify your eyelashes:

1. Eyelash extensions are painful - No, they are not. As it is eyelashes are delicate and a professionally trained aesthetician will never do anything that will hurt you. You are not spending money to acquire pain, right? So, opt for a reputed eyelash extension salon to make it a happy experience.

2. They are not healthy for your natural lashes - Well, if they weren't, hundreds of celebrities and fashionistas all over the world would not have tried them in any way. Proper application and correct maintenance is the key to beautiful curly lashes that stay longer and are in no way harmful to your natural eyelashes. However, once you have tried eyelash extensions, you may feel a bit incomplete without them. And that may be the reason why many people feel that the extensions have damaged their natural lashes. But it isn’t true.

3. The lash glue is harmful to your eyes and may cause you to go blind - No of course not. Never. You are not going to be blind, for God’s sake! A professional and skilled technician will be a lot careful while applying the glue and even if it may be allergic to some, it can never cause you to go blind.

4. It takes a long long time - Yes, this is partly true. But it is not going to take you a day at any cost. You are going to be free within a few hours and ready to create a dramatic impact with your beautifully extended lashes.

If you are planning to go for lash extensions, it is advisable that you opt only for a highly reputed eyelash extension salon to amplify the effect. They will use formaldehyde-free glue and will be 200% careful while dealing with your eyes. Yes, they can be a little expensive but the end results will be worth it. Have a great day!