5 Must have Accessories in a closet

Your wardrobe is a place which has to be seen to be believed!

The Dream walk-in wardrobe is always your favourite room in the house, and we can see why! Floor-to-ceiling shelves displaying your footwear collection, while a plush pink and gold armchair offering the princess a perfect spot for trying on her shoes.  You can either fill it with bags, dresses, scarves and shoes or you can use your most coveted items, including Chanel bags and clutches, displayed on glass shelves.

You can also think of a 200-square-foot wardrobe dedicated to your fitness gear, customized to your taste, and filled with dozens of pairs of trainer shoes, clothing, sports bras, and much more. Let’s talk about a wardrobe which is an organized chaos, with an assortment of colourful clothes on display. Jewellery and accessories lining the top of a mirrored storage unit, while a dazzling chandelier adding the opulent finishing touches to the glamorous room.

How about the first day after a paternity leave and you’re guessing what you should wear – with your wardrobe filled and covered with clothes according to shades? Isn’t that beautiful?

However, there are a few essential items which shouldn’t be missed out on.

Shoes and sandals

Topping the list, we walk when you walk around and you walk when we are around. Don’t forget us and give us a place in your wardrobe because we are your faithful friends till you replace us.

Bags and wallets

We follow your shoes and sandals. It’s okay if you mix and match us, we still have to be with you. Though we come in different types ranging from totes to handbags and clutches for women and wallet shades for men, we typically get along well with your dresses and suits. Using a contrast wallet or a bling bag is an amazing way to accentuate the look of your dress.


You need time for everything, we, of course, are your timeless friends. You like us and we know it, we go along all tones generally until you are specific to match us with the shade of your choice. Don’t forget us every time you step out! We still love you even though you forget us in your wash-room most of the time since you are a disciplined friend.

    Jewellery and shiny stuff

We compliment your looks every time you step out. We shine at times and sometimes go blunt and matte depending on your colour tones. Don’t forget us, men and women. We love women for how they flaunt us. Though the men folks are not into us much, these days they have picked up the trend. Thanks, dude! 

Belts and brooches

Ladies and Gentlemen, at times you wear us out of love and sometimes out of no choice. We hang around with you and keep you away from wardrobe malfunctions. Though we are not worn often, we feel kind of regal since it only takes a special occasion for the King and the Queen to step out!

So, people, we hope you have all these accessories placed well in your cupboard. You will need them all, so get them all!