10 Essential Summer Beauty Products that You Can’t Miss in 2017

Winter is long gone, and so is spring. Summer is making its presence very much obvious. Temperatures have risen and humidity is wreaking a havoc. It’s no wonder that your beauty and makeup kits too have changed in order to keep up with the climate. The bold and often vampy look that you loved to sport during the colder months have been traded with nude looks and floral prints to survive in style during the sweltering summer months. As the hot season calls for paying special attention to all our hapless selves, we are presenting 10 essential summer beauty products that you can’t miss in 2017.


During summer months, you just can’t do without sunscreens. The best thing about these essential summer beauty products is that you can choose the finish, i.e., dewy, tinted or matte. Once you apply them to our exposed skin, you are ready to bravely face the Sun. While buying sunscreens, you must choose them carefully. It is important to ensure that they have high levels of SPF and PA+++ coverage. It should be also checked whether they can block harmful UVA as well as UVB rays. During summers, you must always remember that your sunscreen has to be applied every 3 or 4 hours in order to get the maximum protection. To help you avoid getting tanned this summer, MSA recommends Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

Lip Balms

We know you are surprised! Lip balms in summer? Yes, that’s right. It’s a known fact that lip balms are indispensable during winter, but they are also essential summer beauty products. During the hotter months, you should use lip balms that come with SPF because lips, being the softest part of our bodies, can easily get dark when exposed to the Sun. We would like to recommend Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer Balm SPF 15 as an essential lip balm for the summer of 2017.

Nude (and Bright) Lip Shades

Summer is all about minimalism. But we know that you just can’t imagine going out without smearing your lips with your favorite lipsticks. Obviously, lipsticks are must haves for any girl and they are also essential summer beauty products. However, as seasons change, choice of lipsticks change too. Unlike in winter when we prefer darker shades, bright and nude lip shades are more favorable during summer. While nude shades, along with red, orange and pink, suit all complexions, we would like to see you wearing H2O+ Oasis Lip Gel Currant Mood as you rule this summer in style.


When it’s summer, you definitely deserve an exotic sun-kissed look. The essential summer beauty products that can give you this lovely makeover are called bronzers. They are the summer equivalents of highlighters that you die for during winter. As a matter of fact bronzers are a craze right now and it makes all sense having these in your summer beauty kit. Nothing else can help you so much in rocking the raging summer in ravishing style. While shopping for bronzers, don’t forget Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer.

Face and Body Scrubs

Tanning is one of the scariest problems during summer. Face and body scrubs are those essential summer beauty products that can help you cope with this trouble. They help in removing dead cells from our skin and at the same time keeps tan at bay. There is a wide range of scrubs that are available in the market, but we want to suggest that you try St. Ives Smoothing Apricot Body Wash. An important point to remember while using these products is that you must not forget to moisturize properly once you have scrubbed. Otherwise, you may end up having dry as well as dehydrated skin.

Anti-Tan Face Packs

Tanning affects our bodies as well as our faces. Therefore, anti-tan face packs come in handy as essential summer beauty products. These products are special because they remove tan and also make the face glow. Another specialty of these products is that they can be easily substituted by home-made packs that can be easily prepared. One such fantastic alternative is the Aloe-Vera-and-Lemon Face Pack.

Bright Nail Paints

Summer is the fun season. it‘s during summer that we can sport all bright girly colors. Nail paints, like lipsticks, are essential summer beauty products that just can’t be absent from your beauty kits. You can choose from red, orange, pink and many more shades, and also select between pastel, matte or glossy finishes. But, as long as you can’t take a decision, go for OPI Infinite Shine.

Toners and Serums

These are useful for us all through the year. But, right now, they are essential summer beauty products that you just can’t live without. Even though we tend to avoid moisturizers in summer months, our skin requires equal amounts of nourishment as well as moisturization during this season as it demands in winter. Toners and serums are so important because they hydrate and soften the skin and at the same time, do not make it greasy. So, stop worrying that you will look all oily, and go for Olay Duo Dual-Sided Body Cleanser or Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Waterproof Makeup Remover & Cleanser right away.


Any list of essential summer beauty products would be incomplete if perfumes are not included in it. Not matter how much we try, it’s impossible to avoid getting sweaty as summer swelters ruthlessly. And how can we forget to mention the unpleasant body odor that often becomes a cause for embarrassment. During summer, you can choose from a wide range of floral and fruity scents that are pleasantly girly. MSA wants to recommend Dove Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant to you. For those special occasions, you may also want to wear the Sunshine Eau De Parfum by Drew Barrymore.

Hair Masks

Summer is associated with all that sweat and grime that accumulates on our scalps. Just like in winter, we can experience frizz and roughness of hair. To help us overcome these issues, hair masks are the essential summer beauty products that prove to be highly beneficial. Applying a hair mask that has conditioning properties hydrates scalp as well as hair. It also makes hair softer. If you don’t have the time to prepare a hair mask by yourself, give Tresemmé Nourish & Replenish Mask a try. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Now that our list of 10 Essential Summer Beauty Products has come to an end, we hope you have received all the necessary suggestions that you need in order to sail through the sweltering summer while braving the scorching Sun in style.