Essential Bridal Face Makeup Tips For Working Women

The most important day in the life of a woman is the day she slowly walks down the aisle, halts at the altar, and zooms into her brand new life. It is the day she gets married. It is the day she thanks us for our Essential Bridal Face Makeup Tips For Working Women.

Since the day is so very special and given that she has been dreaming about it since eternity, it is no wonder that a woman has look and feel her best on this day. We just said look and feel best. These two are like Siamese twins. Only a woman knows how important it is to look best in order to feel best. But, looking best is not so easy for a working woman as her schedule resembles a stuffed closet - there is an abundance of almost everything but nothing can be found when needed. A working woman is neither lazy, nor unorganized. It’s just that she is always running short of T I M E and wishing that the day was a little longer. My Style Authority salutes her.
While addressing her bridal face makeup needs, a working woman should keep in mind that her efforts have to be simple and their results sustainable. Keeping her time constraints in mind we shall now give our essential bridal face makeup tips.

The best way to get that well-traveled persona is by getting tanned. We are all on the page on this. To add a shade of exoticness to your beautiful face, get spray tanned by a professional. Although the sessions are a bit costly, we think it is totally worth spending those bucks because looking tanned is the hottest accessory now and moreover, it’s for your wedding day.

Before you apply any makeup with a focus on your wedding glow, please take the climate into consideration. If the weather is warm to hot, you shall need to use oil-free bridal face makeup products. Be it a primer or a foundation or even a moisturizer, you must make sure that an oil-based product would steal away your glamor quotient. And yes, you must also keep a stock of oil-free blotting sheets.

What would wedding ceremonies look like if there were no cameras? Certainly dull. Because we all try to be at our prettiest best in front of cameras, weddings are such dazzling events! Now, having said all this, we thought it is important to remind you that the camera always tones down your glow by a notch or two. As a bride you just can’t let that happen. Whilst getting your bridal face makeup you have to ensure that a little more-than-normal makeup is applied. Through My Style Authority, you can comfortably select professional makeup artists who would take care of every detail and make you dazzle like a diva.

We shall keep the next few tips super short and simple, much like a quick peck on your blushing cheeks. As a bride, you must understand the importance of applying moisturizer and primer. These are the stepping stones to your bridal face makeup. Once you have cleansed your face properly and applied a primer, you can crawl up to the foundation stage and then graduate to the main event, which is of course, makeup. You should avoid using your hands while applying foundation. Using a brush or sponge is a much more hygienic alternative. Once the trio of moisturizer, primer and foundation have done the groundwork, you have to put on a concealer so that your face doesn’t look like it has overdosed on cosmetics. The concealer stays on top of three other layers, so it need not necessarily be oil-free.

It feels, in some strange way, very rewarding and refreshing to carry a makeup with natural look. If you want to  achieve that from your bridal face makeup, we would suggest you to give cream blush a try. The best way make the most out of it would be topping it with a powder blush. Don’t forget to take the smile test before applying blush. Just look into the mirror and smile, apply this makeup essential to the bulged area, and gently blend it into your temple. However, with My Style Authority as your maid of honor, these somewhat tricky tasks can be taken care of by skilled professionals.

Attention! All would-be brides. DO NOT forget your eyebrow pencil. Remember, your bridal face makeup kit is incomplete without one. The facts that makes an eyebrow pencil indispensable to a bride are that it fills in your eyebrows, makes them look fuller, imparts compactness to your eyes, and makes your face resemble a portrait. It helps if you choose a shade lighter than that of your eyebrows when you select that perfect eyebrow pencil. The next, equally important, item in your bridal face makeup kit is the eye liner. In order to be max photogenic while sporting that glow of wedded bliss, it would make ample sense if you replace your pencil eye liner with a cake liner because the powdery version adds an extra plush to the lashes.

Talking of eyelashes, you should curl them in the appropriate way. It is rather needless to say that, as long as My Style Authority is there with you, curling solutions are just a few taps (on your phone, of course) away! Using fake eyelashes is also an great idea. After curling your eyelashes and coating them with mascara, you may put on the fake lashes. Later, curl them again and finally add another layer of mascara. Considering the possibility of you crying on the day of your wedding (we do always count them as tears of joy!), use waterproof makeup. That way, you need not worry about looking - well, let us put it in this way - a little (or a LOT) less beautiful while you shed your precious pearls of happiness.

We hope these essential bridal face makeup tips for working women would help you keep you cool on your wedding day and take smart steps to achieve a great look that would be remembered by all.