Emerging Fashion Trends for Christmas This Year

Have you started shopping for Christmas yet? If your answer is no, then this quick sneak peek into the fashion must-haves of 2016-2017 will surely help you update your wardrobe. Ladies, you got to look fashionable this Christmas while attending those parties. Let all eyes be on you!

While shopping for those glittery outfits, make it a point not to go overboard with your Christmas ensembles. Remember, simplicity never fails to attract if you can carry it well. A bit of knowledge regarding the latest trends is enough to leave the crowd staring and praising your sense of fashion. So, let’s get on with it.

Velvety sweatshirts

Pair your favorite Jeans with velvety sweatshirts. They are in Vogue these days and can make you stand out from the crowd in comfort. You can wear an array of makeup color shades to complement your look. For example, you can go for lighter shades this winter like moff, light pink, cream or off-white. Or you can even opt for bright colors like  yellow if you can carry it confidently. Wear it during the day to look different and attract eyeballs.

Skinny Jeans

Body huggers are best for winter and nothing can be better than a pair of skinny jeans to keep your legs warm. Don it with a cool leather jacket to make heads turn. You can also buy a pair of leather boots to enhance your edgy appearance. Walk around confidently and see the effect you have on the passers-by. Wait; do not forget to carry a woven infinity scarf with you to prevent yourself from catching a cold.

Carpet Skirts

Let the woolen skirts from last year take a backseat and embrace the latest trendy carpet skirts displaying bright hues with floral designs. Couple with a chambray shirt and white sweater, you will become the center of attraction wherever you go. Don it with leather boots or high heels, whatever you wish. The skirts will look best with everything you want to set your own style statement.

Side-zip sweaters

These look quite cool and women with a thing for contemporary fashion would love to get their hands on one. It is completely okay if you want to show some skin even in winter. And these sweaters can help you do that without freezing yourself to death. This Christmas, make sure you have one in your wardrobe to attend those parties at night.

Plaid coats and jackets

Oh no! Not that farmer look. This time plaid is in the market to grab your attention with its stylish cuts and designs on jackets and winter coats. Pair it with your black skinny jeans and you will be all set to walk the ramp. Make yourself look more fashionable with a pair of gold shades and hot leather boots up to your knees.

Cashmere sweaters

Well, these can never go out of fashion. They are both comfortable as well as fashionable for all types of occasions. Every year, cashmere sweaters are always in demand. So make it a point to get you one.

Knitted Jumpers

Want to show a little leg without freezing yourself to your death? Opt for a knitted jumper and don a pair of over-the-knee boots with it. You can put on your coat to avoid catching a cold while you are on the streets. But, once you are inside that pub or hotel, remove it and reveal yourself to make everybody fall on their knees.


Just like cashmere sweaters, turtlenecks too did never lose their significance ever. So, if you do not have one yet, it will be a good investment as this trend is going to last. You can wear it this, the next year and the next.


No, not those uncool men’s suits’ pinstripes but we are talking about the hot ladies pinstripes coats, long dresses and jumpsuits that are seen in top fashion magazines. Girls simply love the formal essence they exude, besides being a unique fashion staple.

Well, now that you have an idea about what’s in and what’s not this winter, make a note of the things you want in your wardrobe before Christmas. Then, find some time, call up a friend and go shopping together. You will feel better that way as you are going to get a second opinion to your choices. Wish you a very happy Christmas shopping ahead!