Earth Day: Celebration and Responsibility

Earth Day 2018 was celebrated on 22nd April, Sunday. Like every year, a few very important updates were received, something for all of us to chew on. The very idea of Earth Day is like that of the open house meet or the PTAs from our childhood days. We get notified of the stuff we have messed up and get credits for the small, in fact very small positive changes that we might have brought in. This year too was no exception.

Earth Day Highlights

So here are three of major highlights that were received this year:l Plastic Plastic Everywhere: Remember the Sperm Whale that got washed up on the shores of Spain with around 64 pounds of plastic in its stomach? Well, that should have been the knell to the coffin. But we are humans, the smartest of the species. We still think this problem will just take care of itself. Well here is news guys! It hasn’t! The plastic crisis is growing at a great speed! The numbers are more than shocking! Wait till 2050 when you will be having barbecued plastic and plastic in oyster sauce if the problem is not dealt with right away. The gravity of the situation has made plastic a key issue of discussion this Earth Day.

RIP Northern White Rhino: Sad news. The last male Northern White Rhino is dead. Amen. We are such amazing creatures, aren't we? We have made the Earth such an amazing place to be in! Look around, we have hacked down most trees, cleared the natural jungles and made way for the concrete ones! We have made exclusives homes for ourselves leaving all the other creatures shelter-less and food less! The last White Rhino of its kind is dead! But do we bother? No. We just bother about how hot our coffeeis or how crisp is our sandwich! Every year on Earth Day the data of the extinct species are revisited and updated. This year the extinct list has been added by a type of freshwater snail, three categories of reptiles, and the Northern White Rhino.

l The North Will Be Remembered (soon): In another news, Greenland is most likely to melt away. Make sure you visit it. It will be gone soon. The polar regions are not playing cool anymore. They are in fact warming up twice as fast as the rest of the planet. Now there are heat waves in the middle of winter all thanks to us. Cheers guys!

All in all the Earth is dying slowly and we all will be dead soon if we do not take the required actions. It’s our home and we ought to be responsible!

Fashion and Sustainability

Given that the Earth is being faced with a lot of dangers, responsible steps are being taken by many fashion houses. One trend which has appeared to this end is Vegan Fashion.

Under the current light of the growing animal endangerment and the rapid addition to the extinct list of animals, Vegan Fashion is THE trend which must dominate the fashion industry.

If you have not heard about Vegan fashion, it is fashion secured in from cruelty-free sources and do not involve harming animals. The use of Fur and Reptile skin has been a matter of controversy in the fashion world for quite some time now. The matter has become all the more serious with this year’s Earth Day announcements. The rising number of extinct animals make it important for the fashion houses to consider sustainable fashion involving the lesser use of animal products.

A few of the noteworthy fashion brands have already taken this bold step. They include:

l Amour Vert: Based on the French phrase “green love”, this chic fashion brand is not only style conscious but environment conscious as well. Not only does the brand ensure the non-usage of animal products, the gorgeous garments tailored by this brand are made from sustainable fabrics and non-toxic dyes resulting in zero waste.

l Delikate Rayne: Ethical, Sustainable and luxurious. These three words are the major pillars of this Vegan Fashion house. Their designs are fresh, crisp and most importantly cruelty-free.

l Vaute Couture: Developed by a former model Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, this fashion label has done away with animal killing for fashion. It’s fashionable and eco-friendly idea is seen to be reflected in its name which has replaced the word “haute” with “vaute” to keep up with the vegan style of thinking and dressing.

l Kuyichi: Became the first “conscious fashion brand” to bring in organic cotton in the mainstream. The first organic pair of denim was launched by this Dutch fashion brand. Thus began its saga which is still continuing. The fashion house still brings in fresh mix, style and cuts of eco-friendly and cruelty-free clothes.

Vegan Fashion The Future of the Fashion Industry

A recent event was held by the Fashion Institute of Technology and PETA to discuss the animal free future of the fashion industry. The insights received, will definitely save a few lives and they will be seen grazing on the field and running in the wild and not hanging from the necks and waists of the supermodels strutting the runway.

The event was addressed by a panel comprising of Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, Bianca Moran, Joshua Katcher, Sydney Brown and Sugandh Agarwal. As per the discussion it was highlighted that designers need not opt for horrific animal treatment to be on the top of the charts.

For example instead of leather secured in from animal sources its vegan option secured from pineapple, kombucha, tea and mushroom can be a good alternative.

Additionally, PETA has been quite active in the recent years trying to bring an end to the use of fur or more specifically replacing them with faux fur. The level of activism put in by PETA and other enthusiasts have helped in bringing down the sale of fur in major stores such as Forever 21, J.Crew and Topshop.

All this activity hover around one idea: Animals look better with their skin on. It is for them to wear not you. There are zillion means to look beautiful and one such is My Style Authority. Get in touch with this fashion platform and let the animals be.