Dressing Like Nefertiti – The Beyoncé Style!

In her concert trip in Egypt, Beyoncé had displayed her love for Egyptian outfits along with a touch of modernity, and the world is now in love with those outfits, which were initially popularized by none other than the great queen Nefertiti, many centuries back. It is amazing how our fashion industry forms links between such contrasting characters and yet remains an inseparable part of our life! This is why we are presenting five Egyptian style-based apparel which are a must if you wish to take your Egyptian style statement to the next level.

Spray Paint:

The days of extravagant flashy bling have long gone away. “Simple and crafty” is the new style mantra among the fashionistas. Therefore, a natural and carefree spray of colors on the canvas of fabric is the ultimate trendsetter for modern trend-lovers. Beyoncé has always been open about her partiality for natural graphic spray arts and has been seen sporting spray paint apparel on her Egyptian concerts and many music videos. Spray paint outfits go well anywhere; however, it would be better to avoid them on formal occasions. Such wardrobes are perfect for a mix-n-match style. It is one of those rare style statements that can never go wrong.

DIY Nefertiti Headdress: 

A classic uniqueness in Egyptian fashion lies in its headdresses. The Egyptian empress Nefertiti had a love for adorning headgears with different colors on respective occasions. The headdresses need to be paired with Egyptian dresses and accessories of the same color, to bring out that desired effect of a dominating lady. Beyoncé had made her grand entrance while donning a stunning headdress and was praised by millions across the world for her fashion style. So, the next time you enter an Egyptian party, make the attendees forget everything and stay fixated on your style statement right from the moment you step into the room. Check out how @drphysiokiara has pulled this look! 

Nude One-piece Suits:

From a sensual wrap dress to a steaming swimsuit, the one-piece has always had quite a stirring effect to highlight the oomph factor of a woman. And to further heighten the curiosity of the onlookers about the physique of its wearer, nude one-piece suits were invented. The tight-fitting outfits perfectly outline the contour of your body, making you a woman to die for. Admit it; we all went crazy when we saw Beyoncé flaunting her chiseled features in her one-piece in the video cover of Single Ladies. It’s time you put your fantasies into reality by following the signature styles of your fashion pop icon and slip into nude one-piece suits and have the world eat out of your hands! 

Tasteful Use of Whites:

Apart from the style statement, articles of clothing and their colors also possess a traditional significance and cultural heritage. For example, in Egypt, the color white has been regarded as the color of holiness, purity, and cleanliness. Therefore, white clothing and outfits adhere to an aesthetic value to its wearer. Nefertiti was a big believer in using white robes on auspicious occasions, and her designers spared no efforts to make sure white robes retain their aesthetic importance while staying fashionable enough. White-colored apparels go well with white shoes. So, put on your desired dress in white and the combined radiance of your beauty and your dress shall make you the center of attention in no time! 


Dash of Color with Turquoise

Egyptian rituals involve cultivating both the mysteries of life and death. Therefore, not only the colors of demise but the rituals during the reign of Nefertiti focused on proliferating colors as well such as blue and green. On one hand, blue symbolizes the color of heaven; on the other hand, the color green refers to growth and rejuvenation. The union of these two colors is, therefore, found to be very sacred and is believed to bring good luck to its user. This marked the origin of turquoise. Turquoise has such amazing visual beauty that it has become one of the most sought-after colors in the world of fashion. Turquoise goes well with green and blue accessories. A very calming look created by @lifestyleby_danielle.

It takes courage to dress and flaunt an unconventional style statement. It takes perseverance to blend tradition with the trend and come up with the best of both. And both the aforementioned challenges have been won over by Beyoncé and the designers of Nefertiti-era, respectively. Therefore, flaunting the Nefertiti-Beyoncé inspired style would become one of the smartest clothing decisions you’ve ever made. Remember, you deserve nothing, but the best!