The Art and Science of Dressing Up for An Occasion

Have you ever wondered what is the first thing that you notice when you meet a person? Well, most of us take note of an individual’s personality on the first meet. The word personality is an umbrella term, covering almost every feature and bits of a person's overall appearance. But a lion’s share of the persona is revealed by the clothes that one wears. That's right. Clothing is not only a matter of fashion, but it is also a nonverbal means of communication! (more reasons to shop!)

Though many may disagree, clothing defines us. A well dressed individual reeks of confidence. We generally take orders from well dressed people. Good clothes act like Jafar from the Arabian Nights!

Though it may seem pretty easy breezy, dressing well is a matter of a delicate balance between art and science. The art part of it makes the total look appealing, whereas the science part keeps the level of comfort up.

No one will be attracted if you team up a black pencil skirt with a sheer leopard print blouse for an office party, or if you drape yourself in all jazzy pink for a funeral. Dressing as per the occasion is of great importance.

Keeping It Colorful

While cuts, style, fit, and materials are essential; the first thing that people notice about clothes is its color. Scientifically speaking colors have a great psychological impact on the viewers. Thus it becomes important to pick the color carefully suiting the occasion and based on how you want people to see you. Since colors are so important while dressing, some basic rule of thumb must be made known about them. So let's get to know what each color really stands for :

Red though is recognized as the color of love in some parts of the world, universally it stands for danger, power, caution, excitement and stop. According to a study conducted, the color red may actually scare a few people. In yet another study it has come to be seen that the said color has been perceived as being the cause of worry and distraction. So if you don't wish to stand out at the office, try and steer away from red and its hues. However, this color is quite desirable as an evening gown on date nights and special occasions. Confusing isn't it? Well, that's the fun of dressing up, it's always unpredictable!

Blue, when one visualizes this color, it gives a sense of serenity and calm. It has the same impact on the viewers. The color blue induces the mood of creativity in the person looking at it, making blue the perfect color for a workplace situation. Monday mornings are not blue in that sense anymore! In addition to that, blue can also be used heavily on the hot summer days for its lasting cool feel. Stick to cyan, azure and sky shades for the summer months.

You are in control. But are you showing it? Well try wearing darker tone clothes like deep brown, dark grey and such and see the magic happen! Darker shade clothes give out a sense of control and authority. Own your workplace and your co-workers with your attitude. Dark shades are also a reasonably good choice for date nights and casual gatherings. There is nothing like wheeling power amongst your friends.

Light colored clothes such as cream, yellow and pastel shades are perfect if you choose to look friendly and approachable. They make the perfect shades of color for social gatherings, family functions, girl's night and such other casual occasion. Light shades can also be used as office wears. Its approachable component makes it the finest choice for employees in the HR department. There, now you can talk more openly with the HR personnel thanks to their yellow blouse or light cream shirt.

Dress Up Don’t Mess Up

In addition to the color of the clothes selected, the type of style too impacts a person’s personality. It has been noted that people wearing formal clothes tend to speak in a more formal way, using formal adjectives. Whereas, individuals wearing casuals have been noted to use colloquial and casual intonations. So the next time you get impressed by a well-dressed man’s way of talking don’t get too excited, it may be his clothes speaking. Try and put him in a pair of ripped jeans and a casual tee. If he still continues to charm you, THEN he is a keeper.

However, an individual's perception of formal clothing also impacts the demeanor. If one is planning to move from jeans to jumpsuits, there might be an observable change in the attitude and behavior; though not all jumpsuits are formal.

Now that the basic idea of color psychology and styles has been reflected upon, its time to discuss a few changes that you might want to bring in your wardrobe. If you choose to upgrade your style, don’t go all out with the colors. Changing or upgrading styles is a tricky affair. Apart from the thought and energy that goes in upgrading style statements, one also has to make sure not to look a HOT MESS. Expect snide comments and sarcasm from workers and friends if you BOMB at your new style upgrade. Gain inspiration from magazines, celebrities, and style gurus who have your shape; or style aesthetic.

Dressing well is a matter of balance. A lot of thought goes into picking the best clothes for an occasion. It is tricky yes, but not impossible. To make the choice a little easy for you, hand-picked styles for the two most common occasions can be highlighted upon. Excited? So let’s get started!

Clothing By Occasion

Wedding invitations may come in anytime, making it one of the key occasions to focus on. In order to dress perfectly for the occasion, take note of the season and the time of the invitation. They are your best possible guides. It is advisable to carry out a more casual look. Thus steer away from anything that is too sequenced or heavily beaded. You can go for a mid-length dress preferable in cotton based on the season and region. Team it up with a pair of open-toed shoes and a simple hat to bring out an approving look. If the invitation does not specify a time, go with a semi-formal look in an evening gown. Ensure that the color of your dress does not steal the thunder from the bride. Go with a casual mate pink, but not a heavy jazzy one.

In the previous days of fashion, a little black dress with glitter shoes would just do for a dinner party. But not anymore. Dressing up for casual dinner parties can be tricky since there are no such proper guidelines. The best thing to do in such a situation is to ask the hostess/host about the occasion. If it's more of a go casual denim dinner take the hint and put on a pair of casual denim or a denim skirt teamed with a tee. For a more formal occasion go for a flattering and trending cocktail dress.

Though style is a matter of personal choice, it feels good to be appreciated for it. To that end, dressing up as per the occasion becomes important. My Style Authority can be of assistance in this case. With the large option of image consultants and wardrobe stylists, My Style Authority can help you dazzle in any occasion. To style and glamour Cheers!