DIY Makeover Final

Do you ever just wake up in the morning, look at yourself and feel bored? Feel like you wear the same outfit, do you hair in the same style, and complete the same exact makeup routine every single day? SAME. I woke up last week feeling so blah and decided it was time for a quick makeover. Since MSA just had their Veteran Head-to-Toe Makeover, I was even more inspired. Now, I’m cheap, in college, and not nearly daring enough to totally redo my image, so I found some quick tips to brighten up my day-to-day look, and make me feel just a little bit better when I look in the mirror.

Step 1: Fix My Skin

With the harsh winter starting, I have totally lost my glow. My skin looks dry and pasty; not exactly words I like to associate with. So I ran to CVS, and picked up some quick fixes to help exfoliate, lift and brighten my skin. I bought an intense exfoliator, with beads and bursts to help clean my pores, along with a lifting serum to help plump and shine. They worked! Slowly but surely I started to look fresh and ready in the mornings…even before my coffee fix!

Step 2: Tan

Don’t worry, I am not suggesting to go lay in one of the UV beds (I know those are very very bad) BUT there is no long-term harm in using a little tinted moisturizer. If your complexion doesn’t require a tinted moisturizer, you can bring more warmth to your face with a bronzer. The summer sun just provides you with a magical glow that can only increase your confidence; you feel shiny and fabulous, and then winter just steals it away. But, the fastest DIY tan, that won’t impact your fragile skin cells, is a tinted lotion. You can apply it as much as you want, depending on your desired color, but make sure to spread it evenly…trust me been there done that!

Step 3: Whiten

Even the prettiest lipstick can’t hide a dingy smile. I’ve tried, and trust me, it just doesn’t work like you want it to. SO, instead of hiding behind your fave stick, it’s time to whiten. You don’t have to spend millions on a procedure, or a dentist, you just have to run to CVS (you can pick these up with your new exfoliators!). The over the counter white-strips, if used frequently, can make a total difference in your smile, which will increase your confidence a crazy amount. With the new skin, tan complexion AND whitened teeth, you’ll be walking much taller already.

Step 4: Hair Color

This last step is by far the biggest DIY change. I know we’re all a little attached to our hair, and we treat it as if it is apart of our family, but sometimes you need a new do to switch up your daily look. If you feel like going to get a dramatic hair cut, you’re my idol. But, if you’re like me and a little too nervous for that big of a jump, grab an upscale hair coloring kit from the pharmacy, and give yourself a little update.(CAUTION, if you don’t know how to apply hair color on your own, then get your hair colored by a professional!) You don’t have to completely change the color, but just a little lighter or a little darker can make a world of difference.

Every once in a while you deserve a new look. As much as we would all love to win that epic reality show or My Style Authority makeover, it’s ok to do a little DIY instead. These few tips can really up your confidence, and make you feel like a whole new woman!