Engaging in Continuous Community Services Towards a Beautiful World

The world is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live in. Every cruelty, harshness, and pain, is soothed with a tight hug from a person who cares and something to look forward to. Believe it or not, there are people in this world who are actually concerned about making this world more and more beautiful every day. These are the people who live to help others, without considering what they are going to get in return. Martin Luther King was one of the wisest and caring souls who thrived for the betterment of mankind. He devoted his life to the betterment of humanity. Remembering Martin Luther King on his birthday, My Style Authority authority is inspired by his ideologies and believes in his vision of a beautiful world.

To make this world a better and much beautiful place, Martin Luther King believed in engaging with people and community services. He was the one who popularized the term “the Beloved Community” to serve people. Our CEO Jessica Dew has a global vision to create a beautiful world. This led her to create an engaging platform like My Style Authority where people all over the world would get the opportunity to communicate and share their views about their required fashion and beauty services. Freelancers, fashion professionals, and brands can come together at MY Style Authority, to create a beautiful world together. With our chain of unplugged events and community services, My Style Authority wants to be the platform that will offer the opportunity to people all over the world to share their expressions in creating a beautiful world.

Perseverance and tolerance are the most important virtues of Martin Luther King that enabled him to lead such massive protests. Being inspired by the ideologies of Martin Luther King, we are aware that there will be differences of opinions and even conflicts might happen. Mankind is the biggest community and no community can be devoid of interpersonal conflicts. But at the same time, the differences in opinion offers a completely new perspective on the community which enhances the overall growth. Jessica, being the leader of one of the best online platforms to network and engage with different fashion and beauty professionals, believes in transforming the differences into growth opportunities by creating a sense of togetherness in the spirit of friendship and goodwill.

A community cannot thrive without evolution. In this era of technological advancement, no online platform can survive without continuous improvement. As an evolving online fashion and beauty platform, My Style Authority has started developing mobile applications along with customized services for specific requirements. The online portal focuses on catering to the needs of beauty and fashion along with enhancing the visibility of brands and service providers. The mission of the CEO Jessica Dew is to create a community for the brands and service providers by offering them a completely new level of visibility and partnership. A community is equivalent to a home. My Style Authority is the home for fashion professionals and freelancers who want to feature their business or any other individuals who want to get the best fashion and beauty services.

Personal commitment is something that Martin Luther King valued wholeheartedly. Providing the best online fashion and beauty platform to this world needs an extreme level of commitment. Jessica believes in the philosophy of offering the best opportunities for My Style Authority (MSA) community members. The best part of this platform is, Jessica is prepared to take up the necessary steps and actions in her commitment towards the MSA community where people can share their creative knowledge. She strongly believes that love and trust triumphs over fear and hatred. As the best online fashion and beauty portal, MSA offers the opportunity of making new relationships with numerous individuals. From the inception of My Style Authority, the thought process of Martin Luther King has influenced and motivated Jessica.

Creating a beautiful world is not something that can be done and parcelled in one day. It requires a community to join hands and come together as a whole. This is what we need to create a beautiful world. Jessica strongly believes that, as human beings, we need to take care of each other and spread love to make this world a beautiful place to live in. A beautiful world can be achieved through community service along with an unshakable commitment. With this in mind, let us come together at My Style Unplugged to share our expressions, make new relationships with fashion professionals, brands and create a beautiful world.