Celebrating Fourth of July  with Pomp and Grandeur at Fair St. Louis

Construction work is still continuing at the Arch, so, this year too we went to Forest Park for celebrating Fourth of July at Fair St. Louis to commemorate the birth of the greatest nation in the world. As expected, the three-day event was packed with loads of pomp and grandeur and we didn’t miss a chance to enjoy every moment of the sheer awesomeness. Fair St. Louis, as we all know, is organized every year by the residents of St. Louis for the locals as well as their guests for celebrating Fourth of July and wishing America a very happy birthday. The gala celebration is attended by many people and their count generally runs into hundreds of thousands!

The events that comprise Fair St. Louis include fantastic music that plays at the Festival Zone, products showcase and splendid fireworks, and the best part is that you can enjoy all of these without spending a penny. Yes, all these are absolutely free! For any fair to be a fair, it has to have rides, right? Fair St. Louis too has a lot of these and other activities. For a nominal fee you can have fun at the Zip Line and the Human Slingshot. The kids can have a great time at the Pay to Play Zone. There is also the Fairway, which is an area designated for merchandise vendors and local artists who visit Fair St. Louis to sell their wares. The Fair St. Louis wows its visitors as well as the entire nation right from the beginning till the end, and ranks among the top festivals that are organized across America for celebrating Fourth of July.

Events at Fair St. Louis 2017

This year Fair St. Louis commenced on July 2. Prior to that, On July 1, St. Louis witnessed the historic America’s Birthday Parade that featured marching bands, beautiful floats, giant character-balloons and military units. The “Great Things are Happening” themed Annual VP Parade began at 9:30am and passed along Market Street located in downtown St. Louis as thousands of spectators watched it live. It was also live broadcasted on TV.

On Sunday, July 2, as Fair St. Louis 2017 opened its gates at 1 p.m., a lot of entertainment venues such as the Festival Zone, Wine Garden, Zip Line, Virtual Reality, Human Slingshot, Pay to Play Zone, STEAM Exhibit, The Fairway and Interactive Zone were opened to the visitors. The Missouri Army National Guard took the stage at 1:50pm Later, at 3:30pm, as the Santiago x The Natural started performing, the hip hop duo of Lawrence Santiago and Jeff Stephens entertained the crowd with their vocal and rapping skills. In between and throughout the day there were events sponsored by popular pet nutrition brand, Purina. As the first day of Fair St. Louis 2017 progressed towards evening, we continued celebrating Fourth of July with more energy and enthusiasm. Towards late afternoon there was a rocking performance by Dirty Muggs that set the mood for the rest of the evening. The highly energetic choreographic machine from St. Louis was cheered by the locals who gathered in thousands in front of the stage for celebrating Fourth of July.

The frenzy started soaring the moment Kyle, a.k.a. Super Duper Kyle began his West Coast rap. This guy totally the rocked the stage before it was taken over by St. Louis’s very own superstar, none other than Akon. The R&B superstar was essentially the icing on the cake and organizers of Fair St. Louis 2017 were exuberant while saying “Welcome home to St. Louis @akon!!!!! #FairSTL” while posting his photo on Instagram. While he made our adrenaline surge for almost an hour and a half, people in the audience wanted his performance to go on and on. After Akon left the stage, the day’s events neared their end. The first day was wrapped up as we feasted our eyes on mind blowing fireworks that made celebrating Fourth of July even more special.

The second day of Fair St. Louis started at 4:00pm and the very first event celebrating Fourth of July was the National Anthem. The Star-Spangled Banner was played on the stage and was followed by a performance by the Missouri Army National Guard. The second day too had different events that kept us engaged throughout. In the evening, there were performances by Eve 6, Sister Hazel and 3 Doors Down. As we alternated between Rock and Alternative Rock, time flew fast and the day came to an end. Again, there were magnificent fireworks that transformed the night into a magical experience, and we slowly retired only to come back the next to continue celebrating Fourth of July.

On Fourth of July, the closing day of Fair St. Louis, the events started at 1:00pm. The day’s schedule was packed with performances by names like Ben Morgan, Hudson Moore and Matt Stillwell. The day started on a musical note and we crooned and swayed along with the singers. In the afternoon “Salute to the Troops Ceremony” took place for celebrating Fourth of July. soon afterwards, there were another two musical events that featured Dan + Shay and Jake Owen. Yet again, there was music all around and people wished the night never to an end. The power packed celebrations continued into the night with intense pomp and grandeur. At the same time it was successful in infusing a sense of patriotism in the people.

Fireworks lit up the sky as the third and final day of Fair St. Louis came to an end. There was a feeling of true greatness that radiated as far as we could see, and in the glowing night of Fourth of July, Team My Style Authority felt privileged to join fellow Americans all over the world in wishing America a very Happy Birthday. By the time we left Forest Park that night, we had already made up our minds to come back the next year for celebrating Fourth of July in the most awesome way ever.