Celebrating Father's Day With Celebs

Father’s day is observed every year on the third Sunday of June in more than forty countries to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood. Though we believe father’s day is forever, this day gives us all a chance to unite as a whole and thank God for our childhood superheroes - the ones that never really needed capes to demonstrate their superpowers and make our wishes come true. While most of us wonder how the celebs feel on this day, let us assure you that they are just like us when it comes to celebrating this day. To prove our point, we shall give you a snapshot on celebrating Father’s Day with celebs, which, we are sure, you would enjoy.

The ever elegant Viola Davis thanked her father, the late Dan Davis in her Instagram post by saying “Happy Father's Day in Heaven daddy.” In the same post she also wished her husband Julius Tennon, saying “Happy Father's Day to the Love of my life.” The family looks pristine in this wonderful photo and it sure does show the love that bonds them together.

Superstar Naomi Watts wished Happy Father’s Day to her ex husband Liev Schreiber and posted a photo of the X-Men star holding their two beautiful kids. The sweet family frame is in greyscale and it has a soft touch of togetherness that makes it even more special.

We all know Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin. She is definitely someone who knows to tickle our funny bones with her on-screen antics. Her Father’s Day post on Instagram shows that she is funny off-screen too. She has called her dad Genaro Rodríguez her best friend who she loves to the moon, and like a quintessential papa’s princess, she has mentioned that “When I’m with you smiling is all I can do.” That is some lovely sweetness and we all love her even more for that.

Next up is the super talented former Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams who has delighted us on TV and Broadway. In her super cute Instagram post she is seen as a little bundle of joy who is being fed milk from a bottle by her father. The photo is even more special because little Michelle holds hers father’s hand in it. This photo is pure love. And we just wanna cuddle her (baby version) up after reading her post that says “His sideburns and mustache deserve a holiday of their own.” That’s too funny, Michelle!

Anna Camp doesn’t require much introduction. The famous Aubrey Posen from the Pitch Perfect series posted a bright photo with her father Thomas Sewell Camp on Instagram to celebrate Father’s Day weekend. In this photo which is so much full of life, the father-daughter duo look like they have enjoyed their hike to the top of Hollywood Hills to the fullest.

The next post that we want to share is by the feisty Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. Cobie Smulders has shared a sweet family snap on Instagram and has wished Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers “who are sensitive, present, strong, loving, and patient.” She has pretty much summed up all the characteristics of our superheroes in her thoughtful message. And to top that all, she has made us feel hungry by looking at that cake.

Gisele Bündchen has shared a family photograph that shows the entire family having funtime on lush green grass. The Brazilian supermodel surely knows how to delight us each time and every time with her Instagram posts. Her post reads “There is nothing better than being with you”, and makes us crave to go back to our families and bond as one unit that loves to enjoy life together.

We would finish off our line-up with Posh Spice Victoria Beckham. The diva has shared a family frame that shows her hubby David and their four kids basking on a sunny morning. The message that she has shared is also priceless, it says, “The best daddy in the world.”

All these posts by our favorite celebrities show the solidarity that we share when we think about our dear fathers and all our loved ones. These photos also prove that celebs are just like us - they too crave to be with their families and love every moment that they spend with their nearest and dearest ones.