HIGH on Beauty!

The world of beauty and fashion is changing by the minute! Things which people barely thought as fashionable have become the new vogue! Something like that has made its way as the most sought-after beauty ingredient currently. Neither is it an exotic fruit nor some rare mountain herb. It is not an insect poison or some essential oil. The most recent and controversial beauty ingredient is something we all have access to more or less, something to get one high, literally. Yes! You guessed it right we are talking about our very own Mary Jane, a.ka. Marijuana!

Cannabis infused products are the new cool and are here to stay for long! Do not be under the impression that this plant can only be used to get stoned! There are other elements bodied by the plant which has medicinal properties and can also be used in beauty treatment! Thanks to recent research and experiments, non-psychoactive hemp and CBD oil has been discovered to cure dull skin, pain relief and manage stress.

Getting back to skincare, are you experiencing skin aging? Is there regular irritation and inflammation? Well, there is a 100 percent natural cure to all that! Say hello to these amazing Cannabis products and bid farewell to your skin issues once and for all!

Cannabliss Organic Face Lotion:

Hemp oil is being used by this brand which has shown breathtaking results in dealing with dry skin, wrinkles and other skin issues! Additionally, this product is organic, 100% natural and cruelty-free! This is no less than a youth elixir in a bottle!

Herb Essntls Perfume Oil

Lose yourself in just the perfect blend of cannabis buds, patchouli, and dry amber! The earthy smell of this luxury perfume is sure to rock you and can be your to go perfume every day if you can carry off the smell. The consistency is just perfect to ensure a long lasting fragrance.

High Beauty High Expectation Cannabis Facial Oil:

Reveal the best of your skin with this Cannabis facial oil infused with seed oil and cannabis sativa! In addition to leaving the skin smooth and supple, the oil helps in the calming irritated skin and repairs it with some effective antioxidants. Finally, the tonic leaves the skin fresh and glowy and does not weigh down.

Milk Makeup Kush High Volume Mascara:

Let your eyes do the talking with hemp oil damped mascara by Kush! Add some volume to your dreamy eyes and let your spectator get high!

Lip Balms:

Not only do these unique lippies keep your lips soft and supple, but these also have an aesthetic side. In addition with CBD oil, such lip balms contain shea butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter ensuring long hour moisture lock on your lips.

Mgc Derma:

Patchy and rough skin is every woman’s nightmare. We all dream for a supple, soft and healthy skin. But such results come with effort. A healthy diet, proper care, and good sleep. While the rest of the process is time taking, the CBD infused day cream by Mgc Derma can be the thing for you. As their Instagram profile promises, this magic product leaves your skin hydrated and glowy.   There are more Cannabis products on the market. My Style Authority will love to hear your reviews about it! So stay beautiful, stay high!