Black Panther: Bringing out the Bygone Styles In Fashion

Have you ever wondered where fashion has come from? Did it pop up from thin air? Or was it brought around by some inspiration? That is another chicken and egg question. But fashion in real time is inspired. Even more shocking are its source.

Many of the fashion and style statements in vogue have a traditional origin, some of them even date back to the historic times. Its all about presenting the old wine in a new bottle. All about the twists and small stunts you can “weave” up to conjure yet another beautiful piece.

This idea of using historic style statements in a new chic form has been the torch bearer for Ruth. E Carter, the celebrated designer of the new sensation, The Black Panther. 

Time Travel In Fashion

Carter created the looks of the cast, in an unique way. The ace designer made use of traditional styles from various indigenous tribes to create a futuristic look! Bold use of colors, red especially, beadworks and headgears were implemented while designing the costumes for the movie.

Of course, the look was not drawn out of thin air. Carter and her team had to do research to gather inspiration from various African tribes.

Due to the Black Panther film, tribal fashion is even more enthralling. Boho and animal prints are two of the most popular contribution of African tribes to the fashion industry.

The depth of the team’s research can very well be seen in the headgears, ornaments and jewelry worn by the actors. An interesting touch of the Zulu culture can be spotted in Queen Ramond’s headdress, usually worn by the married Zulu women.

Stepping out from the “reel” to “real”, such big headgears and ornate accessories are in fact quite in. A bold touch can be added to an otherwise flat solid colored dress by teaming it up with a statement bead-worked neck piece.

Bold uses of colors, geometric shapes, usage of cross fabrics are a few of the things very connected to African tribes. The idea is now widely been used and molded by the current designers. It is perhaps the most fashionable way of holding onto your roots.

Of all the things that the movie Black Panther has brought in, the most exquisite of them all is the black embroidered Kaftan. Kaftans gained its popularity in Morocco in the early 16th century.

Over time Kaftans has made its way along the fashion ladder and is now one of the highest fashion comfort wear. But that is not all. What makes a Kaftan most appealing is that it is unisex! With the popularity of the movie, Kaftans too gathered a fan following especially among the Nigerian men.   The look and appeal of the attire increases ten fold due to the embroidery which catches the eye. Ankara and linen fabrics which are quite in vogue can be added to spice up the comfort wear, like a dash of charm put in by T’ Challa in the movie.

Like all the other things contributed by the African tribes, Kaftans too finds its origin among the innovative communities. Be it a social occasion or a beach party, a Kaftan can always be your BFF if you wish to keep it simple yet classy. A wide range of materials can be used to make the attire like chiffon, linen, satin, and brocade; you name it! Just throw in the required style ingredients like, bold headgear or accessories, waist-synching belts, a great pair of shoes; and a BEAT FACE to own the day.

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African Tribal Runway

Apart from the enthralling cinematography and the engaging script, the costumes used in the movie are breathtaking. On a closer watch, one can find very obvious traces of African tribal culture throughout the film. One such is the costumes designed for the all-female Dora Milaje Army.

The splash of red seen so dominantly in their costumes are inspired by the looks of the famous Massai tribe of Africa.

Massai styles have been widely used by many famous designers and fashion stylists. Curio shops are flooded with Massai styled handbags, jewelry, belts and other accessories.

The popularity of the otherwise simple style portrayed by the Massai’s has been captivating the fashion industry for a very long time. Their demand has been so high that a popular brand like Louis Vuitton exhibited a line of Massai style of scarves, belts, hats and other gears.

One may require these splashes of colors and course fabrics on days they want to create a fusion look, which is currently trending. Fusion looks, though may not very hard to create, can be very tricky. In this case, there is a very thin line between fashion-like and clown-like.

Teaming up the wrong fabric, choice of the make-up and such can spoil a good look in the making. It has been very well touched upon by Carter in the movie. Though a lot of bold colors have been used, they have been kept minimalistic to draw the maximum attention. A classic case of Marvel created by Marvel!

Classic Comeback

Who says lab-whites are boring? In fact, one will start thinking the absolute opposite once they chance upon Princess Shuri’s costume in the movie. A taste of couture fashion has been maintained while designing her look. The Afro hairstyle too has been kept naturally, which has contributed to its global comeback.

There is nothing more fascinating than big hairstyles which black women get so naturally. One can create a simplistic yet high fashion look by teaming up a big hair-do with straight fit long gowns, which, of course, is a must wear this season.

Another interesting touch to Shuri’s clothes is the use of recycled materials. Recycling is currently dominating the fashion industry. Mix and match and patchworks are something you will spot easily.

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