Would be Bride, hold on Tight: Tips for Every Would Be Bride

It’s all very difficult to get hold of a man worth being with these days, a tragic realization which every woman faces day in and out. But, just in case you are a lucky damsel, and you have found your perfectly imperfect match. RING HIM (meaning accept his proposal)! Don’t wait up for anything at all!

With that taken care of, it will soon be time for the BIG day!!! Wedding bells and all the pure white! The perfect cheese, the drool-worthy cake, the overexcited guests and of course the man of your life. Much to be excited about huh? But are you “Bride ready”? Every woman, and by every, we mean each women residing on Earth, wishes to look like a dream on her wedding. Like C’mon, it's one beauty competition where the bride wins hands down! So let no one steal your thunder that day! Look on point. Confused about what to do? Let My Style Authority light your path.

Weddings are much to be excited about and trust us, you are not the only excited person right now. Your family and friends are far more excited than you. Many of them will hoard you up with a lot of advice. Heads up, it’s going to be a mess. But fret not, there are few very simple and basic things that you can follow to glow like a Princess on your wedding!

Frequent Manicures:

As soon as you get engaged, your ring is going to become a must see artifact. Everyone will want to see it and you will have to oblige. In order for the ring to shine brighter, you must have well maintained nails. Jaggered nails and chipped nail polish, with the big stone will not be very attractive. So schedule a lot of frequent manis! Additionally, you have a chance to play with a lot of colors and establish a cordial relationship with your manicurist. Remember, he/she will be one of your fairy Godmothers for the wedding so be nice. You can try getting a gel manicure done using UV technologies. You are going to love the harder and smoother finish, but of course, it’s going to cost you a few more greens.

Dental Care:

Your pure white wedding dress will not suit well with your yellow teeth. Your oracle relatives might tell you to skip coffee to keep the teeth shinning, but we all know how important caffeine is during the last minute preparations. Though most toothpaste now-a-days have whitening agents, select one which specializes in teeth whitening. You can also go for professional dental whitening, but don’t go overboard. Anything that’s artificial will look awful in the pictures. The white teeth are to make you look good. Don’t turn them into the center of attraction and blind others with excessive whiteness.

Healthy Bingeing:

Once the wedding dress has been selected, you may want to stay away from sugar, too much sodium, and processed food. We are sure a pot belly sticking out from your dress is not something you had dreamed about. Instead, go green! Binge in a lot of leafy vegetables and fruits. Wash all that down with a lot of water. Fact: water works great for fuelling your body, boosting up your energy levels and detoxing your system. Add a bit of champagne to the mix once in a while and you’re set!

Work It Out, Girl:

A firm tight body enveloped in a sleek white dress. Beautiful isn’t it? Well, it's not going to happen on its own!! You have to work it out! Working out will not only make your body firm and detox your skin it will also make you feel happy. Hello endorphins, my old friend!

CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing)

Your skin will face a lot of pressure and anxiety in the last few days before the wedding. The last thing you want is a zit sitting on your cheek on your BIG-day. So a lot of care must be taken of the skin. No matter how tired you are DO NOT miss out on your cleansing, toning and moisturising schedule! A clear skin with open pores is healthy and will thus glow! Do not forget to apply sunblock when you are going out.


Clear your skin of those dead cells and blackheads with frequent exfoliation. It must be done prior to washing the face at least two to three times a week. Make sure to use a mild skin wash because,  a harsh one might get you rashes; so steer away from any of those right now! Go natural! Instead of using a hard chemical laden exfoliator use a homemade one made from rice flour and wheat flour.

Hair Spa and Facial:

Though frequent facials can leave your skin very dry, the complete absence of the same will help in the formation of a layer on the skin. A balance needs to be drawn.  If you have a good amount of time in hand, get a facial done every month until the wedding. But, always ask for a patch test first. The same applies to your hair. Instead of using a chemical hair spa, try out their homemade natural contemporary! A banana honey mask can do wonders. Additionally, a mayo conditioner or egg mask can also be tried.

Test Ride Your Complete Look:

Don’t just go stagnant after picking up your dress a week before the wedding. Try out the dress with the shoes and accessories. Practice walking up and down and ensure that everything is comfortable. You don’t want to fidget standing on the podium. Pro tip: Try going to the wash room in the dress as well. It is advisable to walk in the shoes for a short span of time every day than to break in the shoes on the wedding itself. Shoes can be tricky, thus know them in advance by walking on different surfaces. It’s your day lady, make every bit of it count. Mazel Tov!