Celebrity Approved Bike Shorts final

Bike shorts have been trending since 2018. But with the onset of 2019, this trend has become omnipresent on the fashion runways. In addition to that, the presence of bike shorts have become quite dominant in street style trends and will play a great role this year.

This athletic-inspired fashion trend was endorsed by some big brands such as Fendi, Chanel, Prada, Jacquemus and many others. In that light, if you still have not got your hands on a pair of dazzling bike shorts, it is time that you buy one!

In addition to the various fashion shows, bike shorts shoots have been quite popular in Instagram too. A lot of celebrity handles were bombarded with bike shorts fashion. Thus it might be time to get into a test run. With the Spring melting into Summer, and the bright dazzling Sun making it necessary to wear shorts, bike shorts are a must-try.

Though this trend has become quite popular, many fashionistas feel that bike shorts are all about carrying out a sporty look. But that can be changed. At My style Authority, we always support personal style. Thus, if you are planning to try out a different bike shorts look, we are here to give you the required ideas!

A few points to be noted:

Buy a pair of bike shorts only when you are comfortable in them. It's important to remember that bike shorts are skin hugging. In that light, the fit of this athletic piece is very essential.

Do not buy a pair of bike shorts made from sheer or transparent fabric. For many women, bike shorts are very bold. Yes, they are. But do not shy away from showing off the true beauty of bike shorts.

Try to avoid unnecessary layers of clothing on the bike shorts. This will surely kill the look.

Few Styles to Try:

High-Waisted Bike Shorts:

These shorts are extremely sexy and sporty. They look perfect when teamed with a tied crop top or bralettes in hot summer days. You can also try it during cold winter days with a blazer or crop hoodies.

Bike Shorts For Bunch Dates:

For those romantic summer dates, bike shorts are sure to keep you dry and comfortable. You surely do not want to feel like a melting ice-cream when your guy is holding your hand! Bike shorts are the perfect options for such days. Team your bike shorts with your favorite summer tee. Complete the look by pairing the duo with a nice linen jacket and you are good to go!

Camo-Styled Bike Shorts:

How about teaming up two of the most popular trends at the same time? Camo bike shorts are the in thing this summer and must become your wardrobe staple. They are super easy to carry and looks amazing when teamed with graphic tees.

Weekend Ideas:

Do you have a pretty white dress you find a little uncomfortable? Then why not team that up with a pair of black bike shorts? This combination is a perfect weekend look and can be carried with ease.

So ladies hurry up and get your bike shorts today! Be quirky! Be stylish!