Oscars 2019: Best Trends

Every year fashion enthusiasts all over the globe wait eagerly for the Oscars. Since this mega event is the cradle of fashion for the seasons to come, this excitement amongst global fashionistas is justified. The Oscars are not only the platform to celebrate the best actors, and performance but is also the ultimate fashion pedestal!

The trends set in this red carpet event is always set apart and a notch higher than the other award shows that take place throughout the year. This year too was no different. Some very chic style trends and fashion statements were set, and My style Authority is here to cover the highlights! So what are we waiting for? Let's dig in!

So Much Pink, But We Didn’t Mind:

Forget the red carpet for a while and let's look into the amount of pink that was seen on this year’s Oscars aired this past Sunday on February 24th! There was a lot of pink on the platter and the hues knew no bound! From deep shocking fuchsia to pale pink, including blushes, almost-nudes, the color was seen rampantly!

Some of our favorite picks are as follows:

Angela Bassett: The Black Panther star, didn't go all Black for the Oscars this year. On the contrary, she chose to flaunt her perfect body in a one-shoulder fuschia gown, designed by Reem Arca. Her love for warm colors thus became official as the star glowed like never before in her vibrant attire.

Mirren and Momoa: Flaunted a pale pink velvet suit and won the best documentary together. Could they be twining for a reason? But no matter what the cause, both the stars looked absolutely breathtaking!

In addition to the excessive pinks, another trend surfaced on the red carpet this year. Pantsuits! Though there were rumors in the air about the glam of these babies, one had to actually see them to believe.

Pantsuits embody both a smart and feminine look. No matter what the occasion, a pantsuit can make you the showstopper anytime, anywhere, and the stars of this year’s red carpet went some length to prove that! Here are our favorites:

Billy Porter:

This star turned up incredibly early for the red carpet this year, but that was not what caught our attention. It was his velvet tuxedo gown that left us open-mouthed! Way to go Billy!

Amy Poehler:

Talking about a monochromatic dream, comedian Amy Poehler stole the show in her solo black all flared pantsuit! The all-black ruffled pantsuit has become the talk of the town. It is surely a style one must try this season!

Sandy Powell:

Though not a household name, Sandy Powell's style in the Oscars this year will surely make you think about her looks when you go to buy your own pantsuit. She walked on the red carpet like a dream dressed oh so perfectly in her black ascot and beret!


Melissa McCarthy:

This famous comedian looked super cute in her sleek caped pantsuit and rocked the red carpet. The actor chose the classic black and white combo. Dressed in a high waist black pant paired perfectly with a spotless white top. The extra drama was powered by the floor-length cape which she carried with absolute grace and nonchalance.


The "Crazy Rich Asian" star presented herself in the Academy Awards in a pale lavender Dsquared2 pantsuit. Not only did she flaunt her smart attire with a lot of grace, but she also paired it with Chopard earrings, a sleek diamond bracelet, and a pink sapphire ring.

In the light of the jaw-dropping fashion missiles that were launched on the red carpet this year, the above two mentioned styles, pink and pantsuits are predicted to rule 2019. Come out of the closet and own pink, and trust us, it has got nothing to do with femininity or masculinity. As long as you wear it with confidence you are good to go!

Coming to pantsuits, these are going up on the trend and you have to get one for yourself! Be it a corporate event or a casual party, a pantsuit is going to be your BFF for this year!

Dress like a dream and wear your style correct. Make every hallway a runway, every day!