Finding The Best Hair Stylists in New York City – A Quick Guide

To find a salon and a trustworthy hairstylist is no easy task. Thankfully New York City has plenty of stylists whom you can actually trust with your tresses. Though it's exhausting once you meet the right stylist, there's no looking back. In fact in one of the 2013 surveys it was found that British women's relationships with their hairstylists last, on average, longer than their marriages. Check out this list where you will find all that you are looking for - a long-term, loving, and committed relationship with a stylist. Here's to love, happiness, health and really great hair.

White Rose Collective

Cost: Haircuts - $100 and up; blowouts - $85 and up; updos - $150 and up; event styling - $475 and up.

Recommended stylist: Teddi Cranford

This is an intimate, by-appointment-only space created by celebrity hairstylist Teddi Cranford where you will assume that the cuts are going to be expensive. However you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they start at $100.

Hair Rules

Cost: Haircuts - $100 and up; color - $95 and up

Recommended stylist: Anthony Dickey

Any woman's relationship with their hairstylist is sacred, but for Black women, it's especially important — mostly because many stylists do not know how to care properly for Black hair with its naturally curly texture. Trust and comfort are key, and these are definitely two most important components to describe Hair Rules. Here the founder Anthony Dickey is a walking encyclopedia for hairs and a magician with scissors.

Khamit Kinks

Cost: Treatments - $40 and up; natural-hair sets - $65 and up; braided styles - $50 and up; color - $45 and up; weaves - $75 and up; loc styles - $25 and up

Recommended stylist: Anta Fall

It's a premier salon in Brooklyn for hair care and styling. You will find hospitality and professionalism right from the moment you enter the place. The efficient staffs ensure that you don’t have to wait for your turn. Anta Fall’s eye for detail is truly praiseworthy. She is very professional and does her job on two-strand twists and textured hair extensions brilliantly.

Spoke & Weal

Cost: Haircuts - $65 and up; color - $50 and up; extensions - $250 and up; blowouts - $45 and up

Recommended stylists: Jon Reyman, Clay Nielsen, Jay Braff

This salon at Soho has some of the city’s best talent. It also has its branches in L.A. and San Francisco. Jon Reyman, the founder is a master of his art – he is the former artistic director of Aveda’s stylist academy. His technique involves giving a blowout at the start of the hair cut to understand the shape, grow outs and length. After this you can expect a relaxing Aveda oil scalp massage which is then followed by a wash. Clay Nielson and Jay Braff have excellent skills too if you are ready to experiment and try something new.

Eva Scrivo

Cost: Haircuts - 95 and up; color - $130 and up; blowouts - $65 and up

Recommended stylists: Meri Kate O'Connor, Annie Rush

This salon is gorgeous and is well known for their version of a keratin treatment, called Kerasilk. It gives the same results without the three-day no-washing rule. Meri Kate O'Connor knows exactly what works for her client’s hair. There's also a stylist named Annie who does magic with her scissors.

Arte Salon

This bright and modern salon has a calm and peaceful atmosphere where stylists actually hear out their clients. Here each treatment is accompanied by a Japanese head and neck massage as well. Founder and Stylist Joseph Artale is a magician who ensures all his client requirement gets delivered with perfection. Here color services start at $100 whereas you could see a junior stylist for 90$

Nunzio Saviano Salon

Salon owner Nunzio Saviano has an eye for detail. Here your facial structure, hair quirks as well as lifestyle is examined carefully before they start working on your hair. Here cuts start at $90 and color at $125. You will also get additional services like makeup, wedding preparation as well as braiding.

Sally Hershberger Downtown

Sally Hershberger is one of the most sought-after hairstylists in the country. Many stars —Kate Moss, Julia Roberts and Michelle Pfeiffer will shell out $800 to see her, and Hershberger even have VIP clients like Tom Cruise and Hillary Clinton. If you find Hershberger’s fee too steep then you can consider other stellar stylists, Rebekah Forecast ($225), Ruben Colon ($175) or Ryan Trygstad ($225). Here you can expect nothing but perfection.

Ammon Carver Studio

Stylist Ammon Carver’s work features regularly in Vogue and Vanity Fair – he is also a creative director for L’Anza Healing Haircare. Here the salon has an easy app which provides appointment booking and prepayment choices as well.

Arrojo Studio

This salon in Soho, Tribeca and now Williamsburg are known for it’s stylist Nick Arrojo’s signature razor technique. A cut by Mr. Arrojo will cost around $500, however an appointment with the other specially trained stylists ranges from $80 to $200. The salon also does color which starts at $80 as well as makeup and add-on hair treatments.

Fox & Jane Salon

Looking for a break from the pretension of most city salons, two best friends opened the original Fox and Jane location on the LES in 2011. The vibe is warm, chill and, thanks to the wine and beer clients are greeted with, skews more British pub than swanky salon. Even the name is a nod to famous London watering holes such as the Crown and the Thorn, or the Lamb and Flag. A total fan fave, the salons, which are found throughout the city, have reasonable prices for top-notch services—cuts start at $69 and color at $89. And the alcohol certainly doesn't hurt

Butterfly Studio

While it's primarily known as a gorgeously outfitted hair salon where owner Kattia Solano—and a legion of equally talented stylists—turn out perfectly-layered, easy-to-wear cuts, this massive, 4,000-square-foot second-floor space also has an in-house space devoted to massages, nail treatments and waxing. Cuts cost $105 for women and $84 for men.

FRED salon

How many stylists can say they were also political candidates? Fred Connors can. The Nova Scotia–based stylist ran for mayor of Halifax, and he just so happens to give one helluva makeover. At his Lower East Side salon, his first in the States, he and his team focus on reasonably priced hair and grooming services. Cuts start at $75; color applications are $100 and up. Connors’s Canadian outpost often hosts charity events, so you can expect opportunities to give back at this location, too


Owner Amy Schiappa really likes art: Her beauty parlor has an art gallery, which features the work of local artists on a revolving basis, and the shop’s website thanks customers for “letting us put art on your heads.” Cuts start at $75 ($65 for men) and the stylists’ areas of expertise ranges from the unexpected and bizarre to the subdued and traditional. For returning customers, bang trims between regular visits are complimentary, and they’re just $20 for first-time clients.