Japanese Beauty Products

When talking about beauty, it is a sin to leave out Japanese beauty products. The country offers beauty and cosmetic products in a varied price range. Brands such as Shiseido, KOSE, and SK-II have made quite a mark in the world of beauty and glamour. The popularity of the Japanese beauty products rests in their quality, effectivity, and innovation. While the high ranged products are hands-down the best, the inexpensive products available easily in local drug stores are also noteworthy.

Unlike other beauty products readily available in the markets, Japanese beauty products focus on nourishing the skin and hair offering them protection. In that light, the products are natural, harmless and tend to leave your skin supple and hair lustrous. But which ones are the best? To make it easy for you to choose, My Style Authority brings to you the top J-beauty products!

1. Lotion by Kikumasamune: Most beauty products these days are enriched with honey, coconut, Shea butter, and other natural products, but how many times do you find a beauty product enriched with the benefits of your favorite alcohol?! Well, this beauty lotion by Kikumasamune promises you that "must have glow", thanks to its primary ingredient, sake. Fragmented rice wine has been used in this country since ancient times to remove stern make up stains, the same principle has been used while developing this product.

2.  Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil: We all love nice, plump tinted lips, but many of us do not enjoy lipsticks per se. For those, Kyoto Red Tinted Lip Oil may be the ideal beauty product. Enjoy the tint of red lipstick with hydrating benefits which leave the lips soft and nourished. You can either wear this tint by itself or top it with your favorite lipstick to make your lips shiny, plum and smooth.

3. 3D Sheet Mask by Shiawasedo: Face masks have become quite famous recently, and Japan is one country which produces high-quality sheet face masks. Of all the Japanese companies that produce face masks, Shaiwasedo requires special mention. The company’s anti-aging mask is a must try if you wish for soft, gentle, and smooth skin.

4. Hinoki Hand Wash: Day in and day out we use products which are harsh on our skin and makes it coarse and hard. Overuse of such products makes the skin lose its natural sheen and thus a little touch of nature is highly recommended. To fight with such odds and to protect the skin against such torture Eiko Miyazaki created the te+te, a company which brings in the goodness of nature in daily life. The handwash developed by the company not only does leave the skin hydrated and soft, but it is also an effective stress relief agent, thanks to the local Hinoki wood chips which is the main ingredient of the hand wash.

5. Lash Set by Shiseido: The eyes are the window to the soul. Thus it is important to keep them sparkling and neat, and Shiseido has made all that a cake walk! This Japanese beauty brand has launched a collection to cover all your lash needs. The set includes an eyelash curler, a full dimension mascara, instant eye makeup, and few other exciting items!

So hurry out and make your purchases! Indulge in some amazing Japanese beauty essentials!