The Beach Look book

Covid-19 has taken a toll on all of us. But now finally, life is getting back to normal, and that means it's time to hit the beaches!

But here comes the billion-dollar question, do you have the suitable beachwear?

Of course, you may own a couple of bikinis but is that style suited for the beach you are planning to visit?

What?! There are different sorts of swimwear styles for different beaches?

Hell yeah! Different beaches in the US have different styles of beachwear.

But don't worry if you did not know about them, for Jessica Dew is here to tell you about the top four swimsuits that you can wear to these top four beach destinations.

California Tie Dye Swimsuit:

Source: USTrendy

The tie-dye trend that is raging this year, is a childhood favorite. Most of us can connect to this print since we have all worn it multiple times in our teen days.

If you are hitting a California beach, a tie-dye bikini swimsuit is your best pick. However, stick to playful colors like bubblegum pink, sunny orange, pale blue, and neon shades. Since all California beaches have a peppy mood, such sporty looks are ideal. Team your sporty tie-dye swimwear with a sun hat, some hot sunglasses, and quirky beach jewelry

Miami Bling:

Source: Her

If you are planning to wear a bling bikini, then Miami is the place for you. Miami beaches are perfect to pull off rhinestone-studded two-piece swimsuits.

The beach mood in Miami is super sexy and can be used by those who are planning to shimmer in the azure blue ocean.

If you intend on going to the southern beaches anytime soon then make sure you pick out some dark-colored swimwears. Sequin or rhinestones look very dramatic against black, brown, or deep maroon colored swimsuits.

However, keep the accessories to the bare minimum for the rhinestones and sequins will be the showstopper of the day.

The Hawaiian Beach Party:

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The Hawaiian beaches are perfect for you to pull off tropical and animal print bikinis, two of the most sought after style trends dominating 2020.

Palm leaves and tropical fruit prints are very popular this year. Since Hawaiian beaches are pretty exotic trying out different bold patterns and cuts is a good option.

Additionally, animal prints such as leopard, tiger, and snakeskin prints can be tried on while in Hawaii.

Source: Pinterest

Like Miami, Hawaii too gives one the option to try out dark bold colors. This includes a lot of black, bottle green, brown navy blue, and such other dark shades.

Hawaii is known for its beautiful sunsets. The crimson orange color of the sky is very comforting and often breathtaking. Coupled with the natural beauty of the beaches are the exotic cocktails which add on to the holiday mood.

To that end, bright orange is another shade that you can try in your swimwear. If you are planning on wearing orange in Hawaii, stick to georgette, chiffon, and such other breezy material.

Dazzling Puerto Rico:

Source: Elite Daily

Puerto Rico has beautiful beaches. The bright sky, the deep blue waters make it the perfect holiday destination after so many months in quarantine. If you are heading out to Puerto Rico make sure you have packed yourself a bright-colored bikini with vibrant headwraps. Though the beaches here are beautiful and luxurious, wearing thongs may not be a good idea here.

However, do not shy away from trying out bright bold colors like neon pink, electric green, lemon yellow, indigo, and such other shades. You can use a lot of accessories, especially shell necklaces and bead charms to add glam to your swimwear ensemble in Puerto Rico.

Though COVID-19 still looming large, life has moved us on. With a little precaution on our part and a lot of hand sanitizer, we can start to enjoy the small weekend trips to these four beaches. But don't forget to glam yourself up and click some beautiful beach memories while you are there.