Impressive Dressing With the Basics In Your Wardrobe

Damn how I wish to possess every darn thing down the fashion realm. Every day a new fashion comes in and gets added on my wish list, but alas! If only they were affordable! The wishlist doesn't satiate itself and fails to keep in proportion to my demands. Thus, stymies my day-dreaming.

However, working on a way out is better than fretting. How about getting the best out of what’s in your closet? A few basics work out efficiently, in fact, can work brilliantly but only if you streamline appropriately.

First and foremost, use what’s already in your closet.

Pair of jeans

Everyone has a pair of jeans. A sane advice would be to invest in a pair of good fitting jeans irrespective of whether it’s ripped or not. If it’s classic blue, well and good and even if it’s black, not an issue. The idea is to club it well. Just check on the styles. Match it up with a flairy top or if you have a rather tough day with a basic Tee. Team it up with some jacket, better if a denim one. Don't want to wear jacket? Okay, go for boots, looks amazing right?  If this still fails to excite you, just tie up the top, open up your tresses and wear a dozen of bangles, rest assured you are looking amazing in that chic boho look. Kohl defining your deep eyes and a dash of lip balm on your lips would do wonders for this look.

Basic Skirt

Skirts are those loose bodies that make you go easy on your work without much fussing. But we know wearing the same old skirt is rather boring. Skirts can be of various designs and one needs to keep in mind that if your skirt is bold go for a simpler top and if long then go for a bold top. Idea is to impress with our dressing. If you have a maxi skirt, match it up with a blouse showing midriff and you can bring variety to that look by adding a stole or a long sleeveless jacket or a matching white long top to the otherwise plain look.

White shirt/top

They look monotonous but are closet staples since they can go well for both formals and casuals. For work, team it up with trousers and formal jackets and for casuals team it up with a pair of denim shorts or wear under a tunic for the carefree look. If you feel white is destroying your mood, pep it up! Go for a red nail polish, red lipstick and whoa you are adorning a bold, cool look. Wear a heavy neck piece, loosen up your tresses and your boring white top will give you one impressive look.


Jackets serve for that desired overpowering look. Basically, as they cling to our bodies, they give us a sense of authority. A denim jacket can simply work wonders and adds value to your persona. You can match it up with a girly mini or a  pair of badass jeans or a layered dress.

Stoles and scarves

Don't throw them away. They pop up your look. If you have multi-coloured bright ones or the ones in dark-hues you are in for any fashion game! Learn how to tie them up and there you go - in any attire, in various styles.. you will find a new look every time.