Seven Reasons Why You Should Attend The Boss In Style Event

We all feel we are fashionable in our own way. We feel that we are looking just fine in what we are wearing. Even though our winged eyeliner looks like a winehouse, even though we look like Ms.Chubby cheek in that overdone makeup, to ourselves we look just fine!

Of course, you don’t need a grand event like the Boss In style to teach you all about fashion. You ace in it anyway. So what if your colleagues make fun of your ill-fitted kitty sweater in the office? So what if they look quizzically at your floppy skirt and out of bed hairstyle? They know nothing about fashion. No one does, but you.

In The World Of Trends, You Are Where It All Ends

No No No, you don’t require any expert advice or fashion hacks or style tips to look sizzling. You are one big sizzle in that fire red plunge neck jumpsuit. That's the perfect look for the office on a hot summer day!

Why not, you saw a celebrity wearing it on an award show, so you just got the exact faux piece! It's a little ill-fitted though, it does not suit your complexion, it's mushy in a lot of areas, but hey! You are the bomb. Sure you will turn a lot of head at the office in that God forbidd… Godly sequenced piece. That is the perfect Monday wear!

But your face looks too dull for that suit. So you bring out that favourite eyeshadow palette and a little dab here and a little dab there and Oh My God! You look like Lady Gaga appearing for the VIP room club! You look breathtaking. Literally. But who cares. YOU think you look the best.

Macy’s Is Powering The Event? So What?

Yes, you heard it right Macy’s is sponsoring the event. That means the best in clothes, accessories and top brands will be there in the Boss In Style Event! But so what? How will Macy’s know that you are the fashion in itself in your hipster fashion world!

Even if its a formal environment you don't need to wait for the happy hours to bring out your sparkling little dress to the office. Not your fault. The dress code for the day said “casuals” and what is casuals without glitters and glams? So what if the others are dressed in light beige and pastels? They look dull. You have always been the life of any party, and you have decided to take the style to your workplace as well!

You don't need Macy’s to tell you what fashion is even though they have been in the trade since 1855 and is one of the most recognized names in the fashion industry! You know better than them.

Jessica Dew Will Be in The Event

She is the name you should seek for if you are on a lookout for an image consultant. Jessica has an extensive experience of working in the fashion world. She has designed look for various fashion shows, television commercial, web series, plays, independent films and likes. Vast is her area of knowledge about style and look designing. She is the founder and the CEO of a celebrated platform like My Style Authority. She knows what makes and mars fashion.

Imagine a hands-on experience from the queen of fashion herself, imagine what all one can learn from her. A world where you will look beautiful without even trying to. Having the right kind of clothes hanging in your wardrobe, being the head turner in the most tricky situations! Dreamy isn't it? But you are not getting any of that because you are not attending the event. Alas.

Office Fashion: Dressed Up But Messed Up

You have just come home from a long weekend. It was just perfect and you still have the hang of it. But it's Monday, so you must go to work. To keep the feel of the relaxed weekend lasting, you just slide in your cosmic yellow daggy cardigan. You are too exhausted so you team it up with a worn out purse and an equally worn out pair of sneakers from the weekend and off you go to the Macy’s Is Powering The Event? So What?office. On your way, you come to see another of your kind wearing a well-tailored blazer, pointed ballerinas carrying a pink mixed leather bag. So who is more dressed for office and where is the sorcery? Well, you will never come to know since you are not going to the Boss In Style event.

Fashion Faux Pas? What is That?

You have heard the word trendy but you never really understood it. People say it often thus you hear it often and that’s it. You have tried been trendy, but no one really told you how to. However, you have been successful in developing a few party styles. After a lot of pain and regular struggles, you have come to understand that the neon yellow dress looks awkward with a pair of blue sequin shoe.

But office fashion? Well, no one has ever talked about that. You don't know if loose fitting cardigan go well with your pencil skirt! Or if your sneakers are too casual for the office. But you wear it anyway and hear a lot of giggles as you walk in. There is a chance to fix all that in the Boss In Style event, but you don’t want to attend it. You will survive nonetheless, maybe as a fashion joke forever, but it's okay. Right?

Gangbanged By Crayons

“Your face is like a painting”. You have taken that too literally haven't you? So what if your face looks like a porcelain painting? So what if you look like a unicorn drawn by a child.? YOU think you look fantastic and that's all that matters.

So every morning you go to the office dressed like a Disney princess, where the makeup on your face does not match the one on your neck. People stare at you on the way to your work. But who cares? YOU think you look stunning.

Subtle Accessories? Oh No No I play the Rapper in the Office

Women love accessorising, and that is cool. But businesses are different than a beach. But you don't want to follow that. So you team up your office wear with a shell necklace and wristlet. There, now that's a grand workplace style if your office is on a Hawaiian beach!

You get raised eyebrows, but you think that's because you look class apart. Trust us you do. Much apart than desired. So do yourself a favour and do go and join this event on 16th! Own your workplace in the most fashionable way.