Points To Remember While Wearing Asymmetrical Big Hats

Tell us, are you someone who just loves classic tales? Do you drool about the glamour and the tasteful fashion of the golden era? Oh yes, those beautiful, delicately made silk gowns, the “Bambi” eye makeup, dazzling red lipstick, they were enthralling!

It is possible to create those looks for your special day. A polka dot shirt, a long A-line skirt, Bambi eyes, and a big asymmetrical hat! Gorgeous! The ideal Sunday brunch look, right?

While red lipstick and big eye makeup trends can be tried most of the times, how about you take it a step forward, and bring back one of the most sought after styles of the by-gone days?

Oh yes, we are talking about the big asymmetrical hats!! The big-brimmed hats were THE fashion statement.

Feeling a little shaky about wearing them? Well, shake it off already!!! The big-brimmed asymmetrical hats are dotting the Summer runway this year!!

The hat in talks is a different version of the ones worn in the classics. We are talking about the Grand Chapeau La Bomba, crafted by the French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus.

Quite a few famous models have flaunted this hat. Emily Ratajkowski and the “it-girl” Emma Rosenzweig are the must mention names in this case!

Now, these big babies cost $700. Oh yes, so before you go to grab one of these huge asymmetrical hats for yourself, try out a few non-designer options to build your confidence.

Always keep in mind that to look sassy and utterly fashionable, you must hold your chin up and wear your confidence on your toes!

Still shaky, huh? Don’t know how to choose the ideal big hat for yourself? Well, that’s why we are here with a few points to keep in mind to help you pull off an asymmetrical hat!

Tips For Rocking Asymmetrical Big Hats:

  • First, the shape of your face is a point to be considered for this style. For instance, if you have a diamond-shaped face, then it would be ideal for you to try out a slightly smaller brim. If you are one with a square face, then a curved brim asymmetrical hat will be ideal for you.
  • The style selection will require a bit of research. There are different types of wide brim hats available in the market. Now, whichever hat you select, it must match your style and must also be suitable for the occasion you are planning to wear it to.
  • The area that you live in must also be considered. You want people to look at you admiringly, and not frowning at your choice!
  • The material of the hat must also be considered. These are available in different material like wool, leather, straw, bamboo, linen and such. The weather in your place of stay thus becomes important, unless you want to sweat in the summer sun wearing a woolen wide-brimmed hat!
  • It must also be noted that not every material will suit you. While a straw hat may look nice on you and fit your face type perfectly, a leather hat may not complement your features that well. So pen this down before you jump into the hat-buying spree.
  • Finally, color plays a very important role when it comes to accessorizing and that too with hats. Thus before you make your purchase, determine which color suits your skin type.
  • For ladies with a warm tone, blue, golden, green, yellow and cream are the ideal options.
  • If you have a neutral tone, then opt for light peach, red, yellow or off white.

My Stye Authority appreciates fashion and thus we have handpicked a few very gorgeous ladies who have done wonders with asymmetrical hats. Here are our head-turners:

 The very beautiful @avnah.

The fab @angeliqgoddess.

The gorgeous @stamenadatseva.

The graceful @_djdayna.

The charming @nikkilivinglife2.0.

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