ALL FRINGE EVERYTHING- How to Bring NYFW to your Closet ASAP

Now that New York Fashion Week has finished, it is finally time to judge the designers, and test the trends that they brought to our world.  This spring, we should be prepared to see a lot of see-through tops, preppy jackets, plum coloring, and fringe. Now I know what you’re thinking…FRINGE?!

But don’t immediately shut down the idea! I know it’s a total 70’s throwback, and not everyone has an inner Janice Joplin waiting to come out, but there are ways to embrace the trend without looking like you lost your way to Woodstock, trust me! The easiest way to bring fringe into your everyday wardrobe is through accessories! Invest in a great fringe jacket, break out those old suede boots, and switch that leather bag for a fringey boho bag!!

With fringe all over NYFW, bringing it into your everyday style is a must! Just by adding a few go-to accessories, it will spice up your wardrobe and bring it to a whole new level! Let’s be honest…who doesn’t want to experience the 70’s even just for a little?