What To Wear This Afropunk?

The season of music is here. The season of fashion and culture is knocking at the door! So you have to gear up for it. This August 25th pop culture and Afro beats are going to rock the AfroPunk Brooklyn and you have to prep up for it!!

Afropunk, also known as the Afropunk Fest is an annual event which features the best of music, fashion, film all produced by black artists! But you have to be in the event to feel it in your pulse!

The sheer magnanimity of the event makes it essential for you to arrive in style. To that end, you have to know what’s hot? What are the trends which will be flooding the Afropunk 2019?

My Style Authority CEO, Jessica Dew presents to you a list of the latest fashion trends which you can showcase in this musical gala!

However, Jessica makes it very clear to wear your style as per the weather. Currently, the temperature in NYC is 86F coupled with 76 percent humidity.

So don’t wear anything which makes you sweat. An oily face, wet palms, and sweat-stained clothes are not fashionable at all!

Tribal Mix:

With a tribal mix ensemble, you can show your unique side at the Afropunk. A sassy tribal print dress paired with a dark wash denim jacket is all you need to groove in this event.

Think a little out of the box while trying this print. Not only when it comes to your clothes, but you can also try tribal prints on your manicure, shoes and other accessories. Play with colors and patterns and come up with something unique. @mrsdivalike is doing great with tribal style! 

The African Pop:

Since the Afropunk is all about celebrating the best of African culture, how can you miss out on African fashion?! Of course, when talking about African culture the choices are various. There are a lot of styles that you can explore. These include lacy dresses, off shoulder peppy styles, bright colors and much more.

But if you are planning to embrace African culture this year at the Afropunk, you can not skip out on wax prints! These are the prettiest things that you can adorn this summer. Wax prints are all over the place this summer, and it can be rightly said that this style is here is stay. African wax prints also popular as Ankara and Dutch wax prints, feature bright bold colors. The designs are almost batik inspired. Since it's Beyonce's favorite, we are sure it has some potential! @jackieappiah.fanz has done amazingly well with the wax prints. 


Colorful and Bohemian:

Bohemian fashion goes back to the mid-twentieth century when the hippies brought in fresh fashion ideas. Over the years bohemian or boho became a synonym for the free-spirited style statement inspired by the free lifestyle which the hippies lived.

To carry off this style, you need to think of something different than just matching colors. Thus, think about a lot of vibrant colors since it forms the primary component of boho chic. @winniekanze has done some nice play with boho chic. 

Futuristic Trends:

Designers have been talking about the future for some time now. One of the fashion trends in this genre is the metallic fabrics. Maybe for the astronaut suits, but whenever the designers gear up for the future they talk of metallic fabrics.

But futuristic fashion goes way beyond that just metallic fabrics. They include a whole lot of metallic sheen. So, you can opt for anything in jackets, skirts, sneakers which include gold and silver! @orlyshani looks amazing in that metallic dress!

So there you go ladies!!! With all these, you will be ready to rock Afropunk!!! Don’t forget to click a lot of pictures and use #MSAFeature to get featured with us!!

Let the Afrobeat begin!